Rails Girls Summer of Code (RGSoC) 2018 - intro tasks

@poorvi14 welcome!. See Applying for an internship? (RGSoC, GSoC, Outreachy, etc) (which includes a link to a JIRA query with beginner-friendly bugs to fix).


I’m Suleka and I have been going through projects for RGSoC for the past couple of weeks and found myself being very interested in this project mainly because this is very much in the scope of me and my team mates skill set. We are proficient in Java and JavaScript. We have also worked with front-end frameworks such as Angular, so even though we are rather new and still learning ReactJS I’m confident that we will be able to power through. Any guidance will be much appreciated.

We really look forward to working on this project.

Thank you!

Welcome @suleka ! Please follow


I’m Vishmi, member of Team //TODO : ACHIEVE!. We carefully went through RGSoC projects and we recognized that “Bahmni” is the most suitable project for us. It is perfectly matches to the skills and experiences we are already having. As a team we are strong enough to successfully complete this project. We both have experiences on working with Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Specially We have worked with some front-end and back-end frameworks like Angular and Spring Boot. I have worked with some APIs also. (Examples - Google Map API (JavaScript) and Gmail API). Both of us are new to React, so we think it’s a golden opportunity to learn React and do a project using it. So we already started learning React. We are really love to work on openMRS projects. We have practical knowledge and experiences working with Healthcare sector, my teammate as a Red Cross member and me as a Girl Guide. We have worked for so many Healthcare Volunteer Projects. So I think that practical knowledge and experiences will help us a lot to make this project more successful and to make it more user-friendly.

We can’t help waiting to work on this project.

Thank You.


Hi, I’m Sanduni from team //TODO: ACHIEVE!. We(me and my teammate Vishmi) went through the RGSoC 2018 projects for the past weeks and we selected “Bhamni” as the most suitable project for us to be a part of the RGSoC 2018 with the technological knowledge and experience we have.(I’m not going to mention them as my teammate already mentioned) Then we discuss about the project with our coaches. Though we are beginners we are strong as a team because me and my team mate are hard working and fast learning undergraduates and good team players and also we are under the guidance of 4 well experienced and young coaches a well experienced web master with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education history, a GSoC 2017 contributor who is now in his inetrnship at WSO2, and the 2 students who represented Sri Lanka at RGSoC 2017.

We are eagerly looking forward to working on the project “Bahmni”

Thanks and kind regards! Sanduni Chamika

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