GSoC-2019 OpenMRS Condition List- Final Evaluation

Primary Mentor: Daniel Kayiwa

Backup Mentor: Ellen Ball

Student: Darjilla Haripriya Reddy

Project Link:


Condition list is a used to track diagnoses, symptoms, or findings that are across various encounters. The basic framework of the condition list project has already been completed but there is a lot of scope for improvement before the project can be deployed for production. The main objective of this project is, to replenish the project, fix bugs and engage more functionality to it for better user experience.


  1. Fix error while saving condition- PR1 , PR2 , PR3(Completed)
  2. Onset date entry should allow past dates only (Completed)
  3. Display end date for inactive conditions (Completed)
  4. Remove ‘History Of’ functionality and add labels (Completed)
  5. Add labels to Condition and Onset date field (Completed)
  6. Fix radio buttons on ‘Add New Condition’ page (Completed)
  7. Minor UI changes- PR1, PR2 (Completed)
  8. Conditions should be limited to diagnosis,findings,etc (Completed)
  9. Change hover message for ‘x’ icon in manage conditions (Completed)
  10. Edit Conditions feature- PR1 , PR2 (Completed)
  11. Add translations to french in Transifex (Completed)
  12. Cohort Builder for Condition List (in progress)

Additional Objectives

  1. End date validation (Completed)
  2. Confirmation before deleting a condition (Completed)
  3. Cosmetic tweaks for Manage Conditions UI (Completed)
  4. Add Condition UI enhancement (Completed)
  5. Upgrade Font Awesome to latest for reference application (Completed)
  6. Upgrade Font Awesome to latest for uicommons (Completed)
  7. Replace plus minus icons with labels (Completed)
  8. Fix error on clicking ‘x’ icon on patient page (Completed)
  9. Add onset date check for conditions to ConditionValidator (Completed)

Weekly Blog Posts


  1. OpenMRS Condition List Project Page
  2. openmrs-module-coreapps
  3. Condition List User Documentation

Talk Posts

  1. Tracking Progress of the Condition List Phase GSOC Project
  2. GSOC 2019: Condition List (MVP)

Mid-term Presentation

Future Work

Work needs to be done on Cohort Builder OWA to allow exporting of concepts and conditions

Thoughts on GSoC

This is the first time I am contributing to an open source organisation and I have never thought this would be so engaging and delightful. My interaction with the community has been amazing.I love the vibe in the forum and the way in which my work and contributions were received in this platform. I am grateful to GSoC to have given me this opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful community. I learnt about Open Source Conventions and the proper style of coding. It also gives me a great sense of satisfaction that, the code I write is used by so many people.Its a wonderful experience working with my mentors and learning new stuff from them. I would keep contributing to this community also after completion of GSoC. I have a new-found respect for this community as everyone helps each other grow selflessly while contributing to this organisation.


Hey @haripriya Could you please clarify which objectives you completed and which were outstanding?

@c.antwi All objective of the project have been completed , except that we have this PR in progress. I have created this talk post for help on this, but I haven’t received much response. I updated this talk post. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I noticed that conditions can’t be added at or if I fire up a fresh RefApp 2.9 using the SDK. It looks like this was addressed in Objective 1 of this GSoC project, but the changes was added after EMR API 1.27 and there hasn’t been a subsequent release of the module. Is that correct? Are condition lists still broken in production (i.e., unless someone compiles & deploys a snapshot of the EMR API module)?

/cc @dkayiwa

Yes this is correct.

Yes this is correct too. The other work around is for one to set the value of the default_locale global property to en

Ah, thanks for this tip. Do you think we could put this into the demo server’s db, so conditions would work on demo?

Since default/demo data comes from modules/platform, I do not seem to see how we could pull that off without modifying any module or platform and redeploying.

Oh. I thought we reset the demo database on a regular basis. We also introduce a stored procedure to prevent changing admin’s password (at least we used to do this). So, I thought we had a snapshot of the db we could tweak.

@cintiadr are you aware of the above?

@dkayiwa what am I supposed to be aware of?

Points that runs daily and reset the database. The logs seem to imply that the data volumes are destroyed and recreated. Here’s the db-dump when it starts.

Every time that build runs, a new clean database should be created.

Are you seeing anything different from that?

(you can literally run demo locally, including the data, using that folder)