GSOC 2019: Condition List (MVP)

(Haripriya Reddy) #1

Hello @dkayiwa and @ball ,I am interested in working on the Condition List project. I have submitted 4 PR’s out of which 3 have been merged and 1 is waiting for code review. I am well familiar with Java,PHP,MySql,Android and web technologies like HTML,CSS,JS,Bootstrap, which would be of help in the project completion.I am as well trying to get familiar with the Spring framework. I would like to contribute more to this platform by solving more issues and also by taking up this project in GSOC 2019. I request you to provide me with the initial guidance and further information regarding the project. Thank you :slight_smile:

(Ellen Ball) #2

Thanks for your interest @haripriya. Further information is available here

(Haripriya Reddy) #3

I’m sorry for the late reply ma’am. Can i get details on how I can start contributing to this project.

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(Cynthia Antwi) #4

@haripriya Thanks for your interest. As @ball has mentioned, get started by reviewing information about the project here

(Haripriya Reddy) #5

@ball I request you to help me in getting a few points cleared. In the following wiki page , in objectives the last point has etc , can i get details on the other objective which you are pointing to by that? I would also like to get more insight on Design Ideas section.

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(Haripriya Reddy) #6

Also there is a null pointer exception being thrown by while trying to save the condition

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(Daniel Kayiwa) #7

As the the error, can you share the stack trace at

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(Haripriya Reddy) #8

here is the error -

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(Daniel Kayiwa) #9

Can you create a ticket for it?

(Ellen Ball) #10

@haripriya Thanks for reaching out. I’ve updated the wiki page and added/clarified additional objectives.

(Haripriya Reddy) #11

Thank you for the quick response :slight_smile: Could you please help me get a clear picture of what this point " * Write a RefApp ConditionList report in MySQL or CohortBuilder" means ?

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(Haripriya Reddy) #12

Okay I will :slight_smile:

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(Ellen Ball) #13

@haripriya Data In; Data Out. It’s helpful to a clinician to view/modify the patient’s condition list at point of care on the dashboard. It’s equally helpful for data analysts/scientists/M&E (monitoring and evaluation) to see a list of patients within a period of time with chronic conditions along with the condition.

I don’t know exactly what is provided in the RefApp for reports. For example, Does the cohort builder (1 or 2) show anything from the condition list? (I don’t think so). What do other groups use to export data? Should it be an exported csv file? Should it be a webpage? I don’t see anything here:

For Partners In Health implementations, we have a ton of reports. Many are written in MySQL and export data in csv format. For any GSoC intern, we’ll discuss and attack data out (reporting) after the point-of-care work is completed.

For a flavor of our reports, this screenshot shows the magnitude and variety:

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(Haripriya Reddy) #14

Thank you for providing a better insight :slight_smile: Trying to summarize, does it mean the objective of that point is to get a list of patients who exhibit certain conditions and get the result in a specified format by providing a new slot for conditions in the cohort builder UI? I checked the report module and the data is being exported in .xls format ,so should we be exporting in .xls format as well?

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(Ellen Ball) #15

If it’s a full export, the user can sort/filter by condition. If you want to get fancy, you could include a condition as an input to the query.

This could include modifying the cohort builder for conditions.

It could be both of these tasks.

As long as non-propriety and free spreadsheets (LibreOffice and Google Drive spreadsheet) can import the file, xls or csv is fine.

(Haripriya Reddy) #16

Thank you :slight_smile:

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(Haripriya Reddy) #17

@ball Could you please help me understand this ticket - . I didn’t get why we are supposed to cut-short the autocomplete list when its always better to have more options to choose from. Could you explain giving an example.

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(Ellen Ball) #18

The list of all CIEL diagnoses is huge (10,000+). Partners In Health doesn’t have all of these, but we want to limit to a smaller set of chronic care diseases (ie. HIV, diabetes, hypertension, etc.). Someone else in the community might want the whole list.

As an example, there are 80! diagnoses with HIV in the name. See this:

What do the clinicians think? @akanter @jteich

(Haripriya Reddy) #19

@ball In this particular ticket - , What do you mean by testing?

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(Haripriya Reddy) #20

I would like to suggest a new feature for this project. I don’t think we are currently having an option to import conditions into the database using a .csv file. I feel there would be circumstances where clinicians would have data regarding the conditions in some .csv file. It would involve a lot of effort if the person had to enter each and every condition looking at the .csv file. To reduce this effort we can add functionality which would allow the user to directly import the csv file,from where the data is read and displayed. What is your opinion on this @ball and @dkayiwa ?

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