GSOC 2019: Condition List (MVP)

(Haripriya Reddy) #1

Hello @dkayiwa and @ball ,I am interested in working on the Condition List project. I have submitted 4 PR’s out of which 3 have been merged and 1 is waiting for code review. I am well familiar with Java,PHP,MySql,Android and web technologies like HTML,CSS,JS,Bootstrap, which would be of help in the project completion.I am as well trying to get familiar with the Spring framework. I would like to contribute more to this platform by solving more issues and also by taking up this project in GSOC 2019. I request you to provide me with the initial guidance and further information regarding the project. Thank you :slight_smile:

(Ellen Ball) #2

Thanks for your interest @haripriya. Further information is available here

(Haripriya Reddy) #3

I’m sorry for the late reply ma’am. Can i get details on how I can start contributing to this project.

(Cynthia Antwi) #4

@haripriya Thanks for your interest. As @ball has mentioned, get started by reviewing information about the project here