Tracking Progress of the Condition List Phase GSOC Project

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i dont think that server is updated with the latest changes in core apps and emr-api modules. cc @dkayiwa @cintiadr

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@mozzy did you see this: and this?

Thanks @dkayiwa. is that server continuously updated with any commit that gets merged ?? what am asking is , after merging any single commit at any time , is there auto continous rebulding of the modules??

Just want to confirm that, that server has been updated with @haripriya’s changes

It is rebuilt on every commit.

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ok , i get then. thanks

@dkayiwa I’m not able to reproduce the error when I test the latest changes on my local system. What could be the reason?

Are you still able to get it on

@dkayiwa Yes, I still see the error on :

Do you have any uncommitted changes?

@dkayiwa I tested the module twice. I am pretty sure there aren’t any uncommitted changes

Check in 30 mins from now and tell us if it still happens.

@dkayiwa I checked , I still see this error. Could you please send me the server logs as I am not able to reproduce the same in my system. Seeing the console log, the only possibility that I’m able to consider is that we have a /condition route with GET and POST as well. I made this PR . Could you please check if this works. Thank you.

I cloned and loaded emrapi and coreapps on to an sdk snapshot server, and had no issue adding conditions locally. qa-refapp server logs should provide more insight on the issue.

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What value do you have for the setting named? default_locale

@dkayiwa I have the default locale set to “en_GB”. Now when I test with the default locale as “en”, things are working perfectly. However, the application is running without any errors with both “en” and “en_GB” locally.

Can you use the OpenMRS SDK and set up a new snapshot version of the reference application?

@dkayiwa Thank you for suggesting this :slight_smile: . I was able to reproduce this error on the snapshot version of reff app. I made this PR to fix the bug. Could you please take a look at it. Thank you

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I have put comments on github

Hello @haripriya, weldone for the work. did you finally get over the blocker you had ?? How far with us getting the complete ConditionList ??

@mozzy The bug while saving condition has been fixed. My overall progress can be seen in this thread . Main functionality and module part of Condition list is ready. I need some response on this thread. Thank you :slight_smile:

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