Tracking Progress of the Condition List Phase GSOC Project

Looking at our Reference Application 2.10 Realse Road map, we would want to include Conditon List Project the in the reff app. This thread is meant to track and allign the on going development on the Condition List Project) with the ReffApp 2.10 Release Activities as the release is scheduled later this August 2019.

cc @haripriya @dkayiwa @ball @c.antwi

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Could we get to know the progress of this project ?? cc @haripriya @dkayiwa @ball and if its possible to have it ready by late june ??

Progress so far-

Addressed the following issues

1)Onset date can be selected from the past dates instead of future dates PR

2)Removed the History_Of functionality and Added labels to Condition and Onset Date fields. PR

3)Fixed the error while saving condition. PR

4)Added additional column to display End Date for a inactive conditions. PR


Thanks @haripriya For the Update. Can you estimate the time for the remaining work if there be any ??

I’m not entirely sure but I think it may take approx 1.5 months to get it all ready.

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That very cool @haripriya ,and it would be very fine if we could get this finished up in that time. Great work done


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Thank you :slight_smile: . I will give my best shot to get it all ready as soon as possible

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Sure , that will be a big achievement for us to have this feature into Reff App 2.10. :smiley:

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Thanks @haripriya! A working condition list will be a great inclusion for the product!


Progress so far on edit conditions-

The task of adding the edit condition feature is almost in it’s completion. I’m now able to edit condition, onset date and status of condition and save the same. But I am encountering a few errors while editing the end date.

Active Conditions

Inactive Conditions

PR for edit condition feature so far-

Also I feel that the heading looks good if its just Edit Condition , rather than having Edit Condition : {some condition}, because the condition field is being displayed right below the heading. What’s your opinion on this?

I will update the PR in accordance with OpenMRS conventions on getting the end date functionality into working


thats great @haripriya.wel done

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Edit Condition final PR -

Validation of End date, RA-1597.

PR- RA-1597: End Date validation for conditions by haripriya999 · Pull Request #195 · openmrs/openmrs-module-coreapps · GitHub

I created the following threads for having a better understanding of the design and working of the next steps to be implemented. Please take a look :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:


I would like to propose a suggestion. Presently, in OpenMRS when we click on the cross button next to the condition, the condition gets deleted without any confirmation. We can have a pop up when the user clicks on the cross button to confirm if he/she really wants to delete the condition from the condition list. Please let me know your view on this :slight_smile: Thank you.


sounds good to me

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A very good idea @haripriya.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I will try to get this in implementation

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@dkayiwa @ball Could you have a look at the request for more information from @haripriya

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Yes i also like the confirmation which prevents one from accidentally removing conditions.