GCI-2017: Plans, proposals, and open invite to join in!

Hi everyone,

Like past years OpenMRS will be applying for Google Code-In(GCI) this year. We’ve enjoyed it the past years and really had some useful contributions from these high school kids.

GCI is a program to introduce pre-university students to the world of open source. It’s like GSoC but for high school kids and the tasks are much more smaller. For more information about what GCI is please visit the program website https://developers.google.com/open-source/gci/

As part of the formalities, we’re working on identifying potential tasks for high school / secondary school students (ages 13-17) to work on. Please note that these tasks must be relatively simple, and may not be limited to coding tasks.

These tasks may fall into one of the following categories and within each category you should indicate the level of difficulty using Levels 1 - 3 where leven 1 is the easiest level and level 3 the hardest.

Coding Tasks in this category may include, small bug fixes, small feature implementations, code clean up, etc

Documentation / Training

Tasks in this category may include, making video tutorials, blog posts and also helping others in forum, IRC and telegram chat, etc.

Outreach/ Research

Quality Assurance

User interface

For more information about how it works, see https://developers.google.com/open-source/gci/how-it-works

and for sample OpenMRS GCI tasks see https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/GCI-171?jql=project%20%3D%20GCI

We are calling on all potential mentors to make their interested known by commenting to this post and start creating tasks for their students. To the best of my knowledge there is no barrier of entry for GCI mentors at OpenMRS so anyone is welcome to volunteer. You don’t need to be a committer to any project or a long time active member, you just need to be willing to give at least 3 hours a week to create tasks, review and/or provide feedback to students. Please don’t sign up just to get the GCI t-shirt :smiley: though that is not forbidden too.

I am opting to volunteer as co-admin for GCI this year and will be waiting for @surangak guidance on how to smoothly run the program. I’m also open to mentorship from past admins like @cshah, @harsha89, @k.joseph, etc.

I would like to encourage all past and aspiring GSoCers to volunteer their time and mentor GCI. It’s a really rewarding program.

To know what’s required of you as a mentor please see this documentation https://developers.google.com/open-source/gci/help/responsibilities


I would love to mentor :smiley:

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Me too :blush:

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I’d love to mentor. :blush:

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I wish to be a mentor as well! :smile:

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Count me in as well :smiley:

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Thanks again @ivange94 for volunteering to do the admin role for this year’s GCI. I will also mentor. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot to all those that have declared their interest to mentor. Together let’s make this the best GCI at OpenMRS ever. Org applications start on the 9th of October and when OpenMRS is finally accepted all you guys will be added as mentors to the program. For the meantime you guys should just be creating tasks for your students that will be added to GCI dashboard once the contest has started. Thanks.


Hi @ivange94,

Currently there are 170+ tasks has been created. Most of them has created for past GCI programs. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if we just go through the existing tasks and check those tasks are valid enough. I assume that there would some outdated tasks in that list. Also, there are some issues which doesn’t have a complexity defined.

Regards, Jude Niroshan

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Count me also. I wish to be a mentor for GCI :slight_smile:


I have created a wiki page for GCI-2017. Please go through the information there and if you have any feedback, just post it here. Thanks.

I’m currently going through those issues and changing the tags of the valid ones to gci-2017. You are welcome to help :grinning:


Also it will be a great if you could come with tasks on your the projects you currently working on. That way your mentorship will be very effective(know what issues to create and be able to judge if it’s done right) as you already have a lot of experience working on that project during GSoC.

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Please if I missed your name on the mentors list, it’s an error. Just ping me and I’ll add it. Thanks.

Sure thing @ivange94 !

BTW just a reminder to all : Ensure the tasks(for GCI) you create are in the “Needs Assesment” stage of the workflow so as to ensure that they are worked upon only during GCI only :slight_smile:

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@ivange94 Thankx

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Count me in as a mentor as well! GCI has been a great experience for OpenMRS and I’m excited to see us continuing it.


@tendomart will you be mentoring too?

I think Google Code-In icon has been slightly moderated and Google also used that for their official announcements.

Can we just use those images in our wiki pages?

I have edited GCI with OpenMRS image like GSoC with OpenMRS. We can use it also for our pages,

You can get those high-resolution images from this Google drive link,

In the wiki documentation, We have just posted like Sign onto OpenMRS Talk . Shall we improve that line like Sign onto OpenMRS Talk and introduce yourself at here


I thought of that. It was usually introduce yourself to the student and mentors meet and greet thread. But GCI has not started. If you look at the latest status you’ll see that org applications start 9th October so it doesn’t make sense to have that thread yet. There is also the possibility of having them say Sign up to talk and introduce yourself on the general ‘Welcome please introduce yourself’ thread. But when the contest starts We’ll still have them introduce themselves in the mentors and student meet and greet section if that duplication makes sense then let’s do it. I also anticipated very few students will actually visit that wiki page now until when OpenMRS has been accepted into the program and published on the Google Code-In website.