GCI 2017 - Official Mentor Invite

Hi everyone,

This year, @ivange94 and myself are excited to be co-administering the Google Code-in 2017 programme. We’ve already put up a talk post for the plans, proposals and open invite and also the GCI 2017 page on Wiki. The preparations to apply and get things going are in full swing from our end :slight_smile:

We’re humbled to have received a large amount of requests to mentor for the program from individuals all over. However, we need to ensure that potential mentors are well versed with the OpenMRS development and guidelines so students are guided appropriately. Hence, we have laid down a few criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to mentor.

You are eligible to mentor GCI 2017 if you meet ANY ONE of the following criterion:

  1. Former GCI Winner, Finalist or Mentor (not restricted to OpenMRS)
  2. Former GSoC Student or Mentor (not restricted to OpenMRS)
  3. Experienced/Active/Long term members involved with OpenMRS.

Of course, we do believe that you may not fall under any of these criteria and still wish to mentor. We’d love to have mentors coming in from other open source communities as mentioned as well as others with varied experience in Open Source. In this case, please reach out to us.

Here are the current individuals who have volunteered to mentor:

Daniel Kayiwa - @dkayiwa
Jai Tatia - @jtatia
Jude Niroshan - @judeniroshan
Sanatt Abrol - @mavrk
Reuben Varghese - @reubenv
Chanuka Wijayakoon - @merovingienne
Suthagar Kailayapathy - @suthagar23
Burke Mamlin - @burke
Collin Grimm - @grimm
Shivang Nagaria - @shivtej
Mira Yang - @myang4570
Yusuf Karim - @ykarim250
Chaitya Shah - @cshah
Gayan Weerakutti - @gayanw

We’d absolutely love to have more individuals volunteer to mentor. Ideally, we’d like to have mentors distributed across timezones to ensure that student tasks are effectively reviewed within 24 hours. This is a crucial requirement for GCI which ensures that the program proceeds smoothly and students aren’t stalled for reviews.

Please leave a comment below if you’d like to mentor and name isn’t mentioned here (We’re missing plenty of awesome people yet!) and fill up this mentor form. I’ll keep updating the name to this list as we go. Looking forward to interacting with all of you during this season of GCI.



Hey @bholagabbar ,

I was a GCI Finalist last year with OpenMRS and would love to be a mentor this year. I’m currently a /dev/1 and have worked quite a bit during the Android Client 2.5 and 2.6 releases. My timezone is EST.



With respect to the points @bholagabbar raised about been eligible to mentor GCI @OpenMRS, we have created a mentor application form. It’s a short 5 minutes form we hope all mentors can fill. This makes our job much easier as during the program we won’t be asking for your emails in private messages so we add you to the program and also this form will help us smoothly run the program as it will give us an idea of your different availabilities and qualifications. We won’t be taking emails via private messages. Everyone that will be added as a mentor must fill the form. I understand we are all busy people but 5 minutes should not be a problem if you plan to commit hours to mentor GCI. Here is a link to the form


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Thanks @ivange94 and team for this innovation! :smile:
I have tried filling the form but am told that OpenMRS ID must be a number.

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Sorry about that. I fixed it. Google’s too smart, when used ID it assumed it should be a number. :smiley:

Thanks @ivange94 and I have filled the mentor form.

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Hello @ivange94 thanks. I have filled the form :slight_smile:

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Good work @ivange94. I’m looking forward to give my best. :slight_smile:

I have also filled the form

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@ivange94 just filled the form.

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@harsha89 your invite has been pending since :slight_smile:

@ivange94 Did you send the invite to harsz89-AT-gmail.com?

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Yes please check your spam. For others it fell in their spam folder. Others had a gci filter.

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@ivange94 thanks and done :slight_smile:

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Hey! Am I too late? Would love to mentor!


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No. Have you filled the form? I’ll send you an invitation immediately after that.

Yeah, I have!

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You should have your invite now. If you don’t see it check your spam or if you have a gci filter then check there.

We use telegram for communication. Looks like you’ve not been on telegram since September. Added you to the mentors chat though.


I’m not sure if you need more mentors but I filled up a form! Accidentally wrote the wrong openMRS ID… Wrote ungkuzoe instead of uzanysa. Let me know if a mentor is still needed!

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