How to be a GCI admin

Continuing the discussion from GCI-2017: Plans, proposals, and open invite to join in!:

@cshah, @surangak,

Can you help @ivange94 in the steps to submit a successful proposal to join GCI on behalf of OpenMRS and tips for administering the program? We have tried to start documenting a recipe for GSoC admins. It would be nice to do the same for GCI. But, at a minimum, anything you can do to pass the torch to @ivange94 would be greatly appreciated.


-Burke :burke:


@surangak can pitch in more on this, but last year we simply used a modified version of our previous proposals to get into GCI from what I remember.

Regarding the recipe for GCI, I think I can help out during the competition by creating some sort of wiki on how to handle situations as they arise, basically passing my knowledge to @ivange94 and documenting it simultaneously, that way it is ready for years to come.


@cshah when do you think you will get some time to do the wiki? Do you also have last year’s proposal for @ivange94 to look at?

When drafting tasks that require writing, you need to specify clearly and plainly, that it must be original work. Back in 2015, I had a good number of students disqualified for cheating (like 3 within the first 36 hours no less!). It got to the point where I had to amend the task instructions to make it crystal clear that plagiarism isn’t okay.

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I can work on the wiki as the competition progresses this year. That way we can document everything that happens for next year’s GCI.

Regarding the proposal, @surangak has the document and will be able to give access when he gets a chance.

FYI – I just asked @surangak about this. He believes he has a copy of last year’s proposal and is going to look for it.