Feedback on requirements engineering student assignments using the OpenMRS project

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I’m a professor for software engineering at CSULB in California, USA, intro here. As mentioned here, last semester I taught a course on Requirements Engineering using HFOSS and had students do their assignments using the project documentation of OpenMRS.

I am not sure how helpful these requirements models and analysis reports can be for you but I’d like ot ask for some community feedback, because I will be teaching this course again Jan-May 2018 and would like to modify the assignments in a way (or also create some new ones) that the results contribute something meaningful and helpful to OpenMRS. Actually the more assignments the merrier because you don’t need 5 different solutions (by my student teams) to the same task but would rather have 5 tasks done.

The assignments (and example solutions) that used OpenMRS project documentation were:

What I am looking for:

  • Any feedback as to how we can turn this into useful contributions for the project would be appreciated.
  • Any suggestions for or pointers towards other tasks you may want contributors to that have to do with requirements engineering, requirements analysis, user analysis, user modeling, or the likes would be appreciated.

Kind regards, Birgit

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We are planning releases for the next version of the platform and reference application. Do you see ways in which your students can contribute towards requirements engineering for these? Even if it is just advising us on how to improve our requirements engineering process for subsequent releases, it will still be a very valuable contribution!

The two threads below will give you some details regarding how we are collecting these requirements:

These other two links could also give you some sense of how we have been doing our road map:

Then this other thread will give you some bits for the bahmni openmrs distribution:

Just in case you want to look at this too:

@dkayiwa Yes, I see some opportunities there. The next class is Jan-May 2018 so we should plan requirements engineering tasks for that. It looks like your next release is planned for this month, but the timeline further ahead is not scheduled yet, or at least not on the Roadmap as far as I can see. Is that correct? I know that my planning is long-term but that’s how university courses work :innocent: Would you be able to give me a rough estimate on the further timeline for Jan-May 2018?

For any contributions over the next 7-8 weeks, I would have to cover something in the topics listed in my previous thread on advanced software engineering, like maintenance, security, and resilience. Suggestions still appreciated for that course. :slight_smile: