Reference Application 2.6.0 Is Released.

The long awaited OpenMRS Reference application 2.6.0 has been released , its built on the OpenMRS Platform version 2.0.5 with several bug fixes and new modules included.

Please check on the Release Notes RA 2.6.01 for more Information .

The OpenMRS Reference application 2.6 .0 modules and the standalone application can be downloaded here

Thanks to everyone who was part of the team and to everyone who greatly participated to make sure that this release was a success.



Thanks @hilz041 for your assistance with the release process!

Thanks @ssmusoke for your leadership on the Reference Application!

Thanks to module authors and maintainers for timely releases and to all contributors!

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Thanks to everyone who made this happen! :slight_smile:

@raff do you plan to update the roadmap section in regards to “Ability to edit implementation forms” and “Sticky Note on the Patient Dashboard” which did not make it into reference application 2.6?

@ssmusoke what happened to sticky notes?

Great work @hilz041, @raff, @ssmusoke, and everyone else!

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