Platform 2.2 Planning

We need to get a release of the Platform out soon. OpenMRS Core 2.1.0 was released in April 2017 without a corresponding Platform release, so the next release of the Platform will be version 2.2.

Per the Platform Vision, we would like not only to bring add new features to the Platform, but also incorporate some of the modules which are used by nearly every implementation.

Current candidates for Platform 2.2:

  • Incorporate the Idgen Module into the Platform.
  • Add Encounter Diagnoses (TRUNK-5015)
  • Include OWA and Module Management functions

Please join this conversation if there are additional features/changes you would like to see included as part of Platform 2.2.

Here are some other possibilities, inspired by being near-ready-for-work, and not because I have any specific reason to believe they are high-value for implementations:

I think we need to have TRUNK-4917 done in 2.2, I did some initial work and would love to get some feedback, PR is here

I was just chatting with @raff and he suggested improvements to Lucene as a good candidate for Platform 2.2 as well:

Given we ended up releasing Platform 2.1.2 last month, I’m reviving this thread to discuss what people would like to see come out in Platform 2.2.

Currently, the road map includes incorporating IDGEN, Encounter Diagnoses, and Support for Provider Roles. Others so far suggested to include:


FWIW, Improvements to Lucene search (TRUNK-5008) is already merged and closed. :smile: