Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

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(Naman Sisodia) #1954

Ya I already read it.ready to contribute.i am hoping I will be helpful to community.

(Harsha Nikkam) #1955

Good morning to all. My name is Harsha Vardhan. I’m an undergraduate student Computer Science and engineering from RISE PRAKASAM GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, which is affiliated to JNTU-K university. I am interested in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. I will improve my skills from this open source community and I’ve decided that I will contribute my skills to OpenMRS.

(Herbert Yiga) #1956

heilo,welcome to the community have you got a chance to look at this https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer !! please do in order to get started

(Harsha Nikkam) #1957

Thank you very much sir for helping me in my way to reach my dreams.

(Rajagopalan G) #1958

Hello everybody, I am a beginner to open source development so please help me gain knowledge. Thank you guys :smile:

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1959

Welcome to the community we all have a first time in everything and we look forward for your contribution. kindly follow this link to get started. cheers

(Rajagopalan G) #1960

:smiley: so kind of you guys.

(Mbah Redeem) #1961

Hi everyone, My names are Mbah Redeem and I’m a studying software engineering. Will like to write codes that save lives, will also love to gain more knowledge on open source development here . Thanks guys

(Meem Chowdhury) #1962

Hello everyone! This is Momtahina Karim. I am from Bangladesh. This year I am working with OpenMRS. I am passionate about coding. Besides, I am familiar with some languages (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP etc.). Hope for a good contribution :slight_smile:

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1963

@satoshiredeem and @momtahinachowdhury welcome to the community we look forward for your contributions. Kindly follow this link to get started.

(Robert Aung) #1964

Hi everyone! I’m Robert, 19 years old, from Myanmar, who is currently a second year student studying a Bachelor’s in Computer Science at the University of Michigan. I have always had a long-term mission of helping society and OpenMRS’s mission to improve the healthcare management systems in developing countries totally resonates with me. I am familiar with front-end web development (HTML, CSS, JS, React) but trying to learn more back-end, and I have a solid background of data structures and algorithms, having taken courses in them. I am hoping to contribute as a developer to OpenMRS and participate in GSoC 2019. I chose OpenMRS not only for its mission but also its culture which seems to be very supportive, warm and also beginner-friendly, judging from tons of resources available on OpenMRS Wiki. This is my first time open-source experience and I hope to learn a lot from this experience! Regards, Robert

(Areeb Areeb) #1965


I’m Areeb,

  1. Google code-in is free for all plus you don’t need to pay shipping costs for your T-shirt.
  2. Ya, I participated last year in OperMRS, LibreHealth and Coala. 3.Well i expect to learn how health care and software engineering help each other.


(Herbert Yiga) #1966

heilo,your greatly welcome to the community kindly look at this link to get started https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

(Pedro Marques) #1967

Greetings, I’m a pharmacist who is taking also a course in software engineering. I aim to database or development of healthcare software. Think there can be a place for me here which can help me improve my skills while contributing to the community?

Thank you

(Binh Maggiore) #1968

Hi all, I’m Binh Maggiore. I’ve been a software developer for an Appraisal Software company for more than 10 years using Open-source technology. I’ve been using OpenMRS for a year now and decided to contribute my spare time to find bugs and improve the software to help Healthcare industry. I’m excited to be part of this community and hope to bring some valuable contribution to the software.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1969

Hi, welcome to the community we look forward for your contribution. Click here to get started

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1970

We are glad to have you here. To improve you skills, feel free to begin from known area to unknown and with the help of the community,you will be there.Click here to get started,

(Darsh shah) #1972

Hey everyone, I’m Darsh Google codein is free for all and is limited to a younger age group thereby resulting in a competitive growing environment. Upon that it enhances the important of open course software. This is my first time participating in google codein. The OpenMRS seems like a very interesting initiative to improve healthcare which is essential for survival. I am very excited and will try to contribute to the best of my abilities.


(Juliet Wamalwa) #1973

Glad to have you in GCI 2018. We wish you success.

(Burke Mamlin) #1974

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