Welcome! Please introduce yourself.

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(Ahmed Mohammed) #1934


My name is Ahmed. I am form Syria.

I am happy to use OpenMRS, also I have some experience in CommCare HQ and ODK. I hope to be one of the family members among you. Best,

(Nathan Ruhanga) #1935

The community is glad to be with you @aqhoan, :slightly_smiling_face:

You may find it interesting to have a look at https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Mobile.

It will be a pleasure sharing with your experience to help improve OpenMRS. Just don’t hesitate to interact with anyone.

(Godswill Onuoha) #1936


My name is Godswill Onuoha. I am a graduate of computer science and Software Developer at Andela Nigeria. I will be working with the OCL OpenMRS team for my apprenticeship.

I’m happy to be joining this community and hope to contribute and also learn.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1937

Welcome to the community we look forward for your contribution. Click here to get started

(Herbert Yiga) #1938

heilo,your greatly wel,come to the community you can also look here https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer to get started

(Magda Patsiangoura) #1939

Hello everyone i am magda! i would like to contribute in this project by writing the requirements if they don’t exist. Please answer me! If the answer is positive i would like to send me the summary of the project or a link where i can understand better the purpose and the features of this project, so i can write the file with the requirements!!! Thanks a lot!

(Kavin Shah) #1940

Hi, I am surprised to know that google code-in has a grand prize of visiting their headquarters. Also, openMRS talk looks like a safe place to talk with other people. This is my first year participating in google code-in and am excited to start coding. I expect OpenMRS talk to be a place where I can safely communicate with other people.

(Jennifer Antilla) #1941

Hi everyone! I’m Jennifer, the new community manager. Here are some things about me:

  • I’m really impressed with how active this community is - not to mention welcoming!
  • I like helping people make connections, find what they are looking for - and maybe something they weren’t looking for.
  • I’ve worked with a number of teams involved with KenyaEMR, eSaude, laboratory systems (including open source LIS), and supply chain management.
  • Some of my work has been around growing online communities, writing requirements, testing, capacity building, and implementation planning.
  • I try to run a half marathon every year - and recently came to accept that I’m not even close to being as fast as Mary Keitany. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1942

@magdalini, @kavinshah and @jennifer welcome to the community we look forward for your contribution. @magdalini feel free and do it.

(Satvik Shrivastava) #1943

Hello! I’m Satvik Shrivastava.

I’m 16. I’m very excited to contribute to OpenMRS and learn new stuff by helping people. :smiley:

I’m here through GCI 2018 and my skillset is primarily designing.

Thank you!

(Magda Patsiangoura) #1944

Thank you very much!! I am going to write the requirements!! Where can i post the file?

(Hrishikesh Patil) #1945

Hello everyone,

I’m Hrishikesh Patil and got to know OpenMRS as a part of GCI 2018.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(William Zhang) #1946

Hi everyone,

I’m William, currently working with OpenMRS for GCI. I’ve joined quite a while ago towards the beginning of the competition but finally got the chance to reply here. Throughout my time with OpenMRS I’ve done a lot of videos to help people get to know the system better, and also improved upon the wiki. I look forward to making more contributions!

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1947

Hello welcome to the community. Sorry you must have missed out on the instructions you are not supposed to disclose your country of origin.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1948

We look forward for more contribution. Keep it up

(Irene Nyakate) #1949

@wzcoding , @risky.case and @satvikshri you are all welcome to the community, please feel free to contribute, interact and also ask questions where need be. Happy codding.

(Satvik Shrivastava) #1950

Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Hrishikesh Patil) #1951

Thank you :grin:

(Naman Sisodia) #1952

Hello everyone my name is Naman Sisodia.i am computer science student.i have experienced in working on javascript,nodejs,angular,postgresdatabase,mongodb,express,java,jsp,servlet,python,Google cloud platform.this is my first time on open source project so I am hoping it will be nice experience.

(Herbert Yiga) #1953

heilo,your greatly welcome to the community kindly look at this link to get started https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer