Waiting for response to GCI 2018 task

Respected Ma’am In regard to the codein task I had made a submit for review request but am yet to hear anything back. Is this because i have not requested correctly or is it that it is yet to be seen ?

Everything is correct only that you need to be patient because the review process done by mentors is standard. You will get a feedback before 36hours elapses after submission.

Thank you ma’am for your quick response. :smile:

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There are mentors who review tasks of several hundred contestants. It takes time to check each and everyone. And in any case if you require help then you can always ask it on IRC or even a better option, join the Telegram group as it’s much more accessible (both IRC and Telegram group are interconnected). :smiley:

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@suthagar23 recently posted some really helpful tips for students, and why you might not have gotten your task reviewed yet. Please check it out and see what you can do to minimize your wait. Also remember it’s always quality over quantity!

You can check out the entire post here:

Good luck!

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Another point, steer clear of gendered language. No need to be formal here. Just address mentors by their usernames.