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(Atharva Sharma) #1975

Hello everyone !

I am Atharva Sharma, a second year Btech Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate at Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, Gwalior, India.

I’ll be applying for GSOC 2019, and I am looking forward to making some meaningful contributions to this project.

Can someone please guide me how to go about it ?

(Nathan Ruhanga) #1976

Great to have you aboard @atharva3010 :slightly_smiling_face:, greatings from the community.

Your contribution is very valuable and welcome. Kindly follow the link below to get started.


(Atharva Sharma) #1977

Thank you for your response. @ruhanga

(jubel kurian) #1978

hello everyone, I am Jubel from Indi…OpenMRS is an awesome initiative, that has blown up my mind and my view towards digital health care and open sourcing…Indeed proud to be a part of this organisation by being a student taking part in GOOGLE CODE-IN 2018

(Juliet Wamalwa) #1979

Welcome to the community we look forward for your contribution.

(George Junior Kamugasha) #1980

Hello you are welcome. Hope we benefit from each other.

(Durgesh Agrawal) #1981

Hi! I am Durgesh Agrawal, a sophomore at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. I am here hoping to contribute, learn and potentially work with OpenMRS as a GSoC participant. Any advice and help in getting me started is highly appreciated. Thanks!

(Nathan Ruhanga) #1982

A warm welcome to you @durgesha :slightly_smiling_face:. Happy to have you on board. It will be great contributing to save lives together. You may just want to start from here and don’t hesitate getting assistance from the community. Good luck.

(Vani Ambardar ) #1983

Hi Google code in according to me has given me a platform to get to know about what it is like outside the domain in which we are staying. It has been able to tell me the importance of an open source wherein the true spirit of competitiveness can make us a confident as well as a person with an all round personality. I couldn’t participate in google code in during the previous years which a regretful experience to be honest… but I realised it is never too late

Open MRS WELL AS I READ THE ORGANISATION’s Page I would like to quote

The global OpenMRS community works together to build the world’s leading open source enterprise electronic medical record system platform.#

I firmly believe that this initiative taken up by Open MRS is a vital source to save the humanitarian grounds from falling apart… to provide each and every person with healthcare and to save the vulnerable My expectations have reached new heights after coming to know about Open MRS Instead of feeling low about not having proper facilities and outreach for people I now feel there is a revolution coming up and that too a game changing one… and I am sure open MRS will make it to the finish line…

(Herbert Yiga) #1984

heilo,thanks for the quote.Have you also got a chance to look at this https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

(Aryan Malhotra) #1985

Hello Everyone :wink: I joined this community in October this year through GCI. I am a student though my interest in coding is the most. Still learning new languages and will definitely contribute to this community. Although it changed my thinking by its tagline, “Write Code Save Lives”. Earlier, for me coding only means game development, app development, etc. But now I know that coding can save lives and OpenMRS deserve a great thanks from me.

(Semere Lemma) #1986

Hello: My Name is Semere Lemma, CEO and Founder of Medco Technology Group, a HealthCare IT company located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We are interested to introduce and leverage OpenMRS to the Ethiopian HealthCare system and use Technology to Save Lives! Thank You for your support in advance, Semere

(Herbert Yiga) #1987

this sounds nice and hope you got a chance to look at this https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

(Wilky Gandy Jean-Louis) #1988

Hi everyone,

My name is Wilky Gandy Jean-Louis, I work as Analyst Programmer at Zanmi Lasante/PIH in Haiti. I’m new to OpenMrs and I’m so excited to learn from this big project and participate too.


(Juliet Wamalwa) #1989

Wow! welcome to the community click here to get started.

(Nino Dayanghirang) #1990

Thanks Herbert24

(Herbert Yiga) #1991

your are welcome

(Nabiha Ansari) #1993

Hi,Im Nabiha

I would like to learn more about coding and medicine in OpenMRS.I had pafticipated last year in OpenMRS and Librehealth. Thank You

(Nabiha Ansari) #1994

Hi, im Nabiha. I would love to learn more about how coding and technology work together with OpenMRS. I participated last year with OpenMRS and Librehealth. OpenMRS could be used to save lives as they have said Write Code Save Lives. The benefit of OpenMRS talk forum is that we can use this to clear any question or queries we have. Thank You

(Aryan Malhotra) #1995

Are you a GCI participant?