Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hi approce,

It’s really nice to meet you too.I haven’t known about that contest before.Thanks for pointing me out :smile: and I will let you know my ideas about it later.

I have done some programming with Hadoop and I am currently involve in a GPU(Nvidia cuda) programming for general purpose computation course which is really interesting(do you know we can use VGA cards for parallel computing large data sets :hushed: ) .



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Oh, sure! Programming on GPU is pretty interesting thing! Actually, I was involved in open-source project called cryptohaze. It’s hash cracking tool which generate rainbow tables on GPU. But we have developen on OpenCL framework not CUDA :wink:

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Hey all.

My name is Yousef Hamza, I’m from Cairo, Egypt. I’m 4th year student at Computer Engineering and Software Systems department.

I’m self taught programmer, I do my programming now in Python for applying machine learning algorithms that I’m currently studying and web development in Django, and contributing to C++/C projects, and most of my education at college was in java, But my favourite programming language by far is Objective-C :smiley:

My Github: https://github.com/yousefhamza

I also love problem solving on online Judges like SPOJ, CF and TC. I’m a gamer whenever I have the time for it -mostly dota 2 :wink: -

Friends -the TV show :smiley:- fan, Quora fan, Apple fan, Opensource Fan.


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Hey everyone!

My name is Alexander Tkachenko. I’m 3-rd year student of Math and CS faculty in Southern Federal University, Russia.

I have experience in C/C++/Java programming languages. Sometimes I take part in programming contests just for fun. Six months ago, I started to get involved in programming on Android and now I’m in process of developing schedule university app. In addition I have been studying p2p technologies, in particular my coursework will based on implementation of Kademlia, used my own protocol and Netty library.

I did not take part in the GSoC before, but I believe it will be an incredibly useful experience for me both as a developer and open source projects contributor. Medicine is very excited topic for me because I had to face a lot of problems in it. That’s why I chose OpenMRS.

As for my hobbies there is a variety from music to skateboarding! I enjoy travelling and video making and I dreams of a video blog about my travels or even writing a book.

I’ll glad to talk everytime! Find me at:



My name is Wesley Brown and I am one of the developers on the OpenHMIS project. The OpenHMIS project is working to create hospital management features on top of OpenMRS. We have thus far released two modules: the Cashier module and the Inventory module.

I have been working with OpenMRS for more than three years. Prior to OpenHMIS I had around 15 years of development experience, working mostly with Microsoft technologies (C# and SQL Server primarily). Becoming a small part of the OpenMRS community has been a privilege; the community here really sets OpenMRS apart from other similar efforts!

You can find me at:


Just a reminder to everyone here: You can update your OpenMRS Talk profile with your GitHub ID, URLs, locations, etc. You can also decorate it with photos. Looking forward to seeing lots of cook profiles!


hello there,

at the very first time i have been impressed by the motto of OpenMRS “Write Code Save Lives”…

Hello I’m Chameera, a fourth year student reading for Management & Information Technology in University of Kelaniya. I I want to contribute to openmrs and develope a proejct as part of GSoC 2015 and keep contributing to openmrs. I did my internship in HISP India which customize DHIS2 and implement in south asian region and i have contributed to some dhis2 cutomizations and dhis2 reports.

Thanks. Chameera


Hello OpenMRS world,

I just found out a few days ago that this project is part of GSoC, and I will be submitting a proposal! I am an MSc student at the University of Victoria in western Canada (or will be again as of May). I don’t want to repeat information I have already provided elsewhere, so I will refer you to the following resources to find out more about me:

Why do I want to contribute to OpenMRS? Because I understand through first-hand experience with the Canadian medical system how communication of medical information can seriously benefit or hinder the treatment of patients, and because I would like to believe that there are IT/EMR solutions that can reduce the frequency of bad/mis-communication to better the lives of individuals and groups across the globe. I am also inspired by the open-source model of your successful EMR - allowing motivated individuals to benefit from a sense of contribution to a project with the historical track record and future potential to affect a large number of people.

I have not yet chosen a particular project I would like to work on for GSoC. I will be setting up my dev environment and fixing some bugs today and over the weekend. In this time, I will also brainstorm on the various GSoC projects.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Best, Jennifer Murdoch


Hi @spurious! Great to have you here. You might be interested to know that @gmccallum is another OpenMRS Canadian nearby Victoria. Glen’s been around the project for a long time, so there’s a lot of OpenMRS knowledge nearby. (And here online, too!)

:openmrs: :globe_with_meridians:


Hello everyone. My name is Andrew Bugembe from Kampala, Uganda. I am a third year Software engineering student. Currently am very proficient in PHP, HTML, CSS and competent in Java, C#, C and learning C++. I look forward to being a very active contributor to OpenMRS and I giving this year’s GSOC a try so please friends I hope to learn a lot from your experiences. Favorite game: Chess Favorite quote: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma…” Favorite band: Queen


HI All,

New dev-wannabe. I’m an instructor for a college senior project class, and we’re hoping to make one or two contributions to this project. We’ll be looking for something simple to do (obviously); none of us have been involved in a project of this scale before. (I’ve always been in academia, and I programmed in FORTRAN when I was a student; most of the Java I know has come from teaching it!). So you’ll be seeing us around here, the dev list maybe, and IRC. And we’ll be searching though the Issues pages for a place to start.

Glad to be a part of this,


Mr. Howard V Francis Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science University of Pikeville Pikeville KY


Hi I am benjamin mwalimu Mulyungi a student in Kenyatta University Kenya. I am currently working part time as a developer with the OpenHMIS team in building the cashier, inventory and other modules the will come later. Its nice getting to know more about openmrs and getting to know more senior and experienced developers who are involved in openmrs developement.


Hey everyone… I am Power Mukisa, 4th year Computer Engineering Student from Makerere university, Uganda. I have a wide, really wide range of interests, but for this gsoc2015, I want to be a part of the open web apps project. Going quiet well so far, and I know it’ll get better and better. Cant wait to get to know more of you amongst the community :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I am currently a last year BS computer science student in Brazil. And I really enjoy software development. I’ve been working professionally with Software Development since 2013 (My second year in the university ). I’ve been working as an intern in different companies and I worked in a variety of projects. Since the last year, I am looking for an Open-Source project to work with. Because, I believe open-source projects are a great oportunity to learn and contribute with society. I decide to start with OpenMRS because I found an excellent documentation about the project, an active comunity and a good cause to work for.

My experience could be synthesized as :

  • Software development using Java technologies (Spring, JSP, Hibernate, Maven, Ant) and oracle database;
  • Constant use of GIT version control … And other things that I wrote in my personal space. (I accept suggestions for my personal space).

About me. I like to play guitar, listen music(Rock, Classical, Blues, and others), Read Books, Animes, Coding, Go out with friends, Philosophical discussions(mostly when I drink), I also like to run… and other things :grin:

I hope to learn and help as much as I can.

P.S. My main goal is to participate in the project, but if I be able I hope to participate of gsoc2015 too. P.S.2 I’m not a native speaker but I can speak and understand english well. Please, don’t hesitate, correct me if I say something wrong or very strange :grin:

Best, Fernando


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Hi. I’m Ernesto Afonso, student of Eduardo Mondlane University. i study information technology, so i hope save lives with contribution.


Hi everyone,

I am Haolan, first year master student in Electrical and Computer Engineering department, University of Alberta.

I love programming since it is the most convenient way to do something cool. Besides I have a lot of coding experience especially in J2EE and python, with which I experienced a couple of projects and my internship.

I have always been benefiting from open source community, from which I learned a lot and also git cloned a lot but not yet contributed much. Thus I hope I could get some guidance and start to play as an active open source developer in the community. I wish someday my codes really help here, thanks!


Hello everyone, my name is Agusti Bau, I’m an spanish cs student, currently cursing my 3d grade. I’m looking to join you within this year’s gsoc. I’m definitely passioned about computer science, and what I love from openMRS is that helps so many people and they don’t even knowing it. Is like being batman more or less.

My technical background aside from college would be Android-java, C/C++, some javascripting/nodejs.

Best regards, Agusti


I am Mayank Sharma from New Delhi, India. I am a sophomore at National Institute of Technology, Delhi, and a FOSS enthusiast. I am an Oracle Certified Associate, Java Programmer and worked with jMonkeyEngine during Google Summer of Code 2014 on the project ‘Cinematic Editor’. I met @michael and @harshadura at the Fossasia summit in Singapore and have become fond of OpenMRS ever since.I have developed large projects involving Struts 2., JSP 2.2, Servlets 3.0, Hibernate 3 (I know you guys are migrating to Hibernate 4) , Spring and I am looking forward to contribute more here.I had my first PR on github yesterday :slight_smile: