Welcome! Please introduce yourself


I am Samir Agrawal. I am a graduate student at UNC Charlotte. I have 3 years of work experience in SAP technology at Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. I am new to OpenMRS and I am learning it to develop a medical record system as a part of my graduate project.


Hi everyone. I am Yannick Anato from Benin, Im currently in Ghana where I’m reading a Master in Health Informatics. We will be introduced to OpenMRS very soon. So I went ahead to start looking around it. Feeling excited to learn more about it and why not become an implementer in Benin where paper based systems are still the standard.


Hi everyone, I am Sunny Narayan from India. I am pursuing my second year Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Patna. I got attracted to this community in December 2014 after getting a look upon its ideas to serve the world through coding and started understanding its modules and framework from January 2015. I am working on a ticket. I am looking forward to be a part of Google Summer of Code 2015 to contribute in its development projects. :smile:



Thank you for the grand welcome!

Greetings, my name is Serghei Luchianov, Edmonton, Canada. I’m working with ICChange charity on their KMRI project. We’re focused on helping clinics in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya swtich over to OpenMRS.


Hi OpenMRS :smiley: It is a great plesure to address you here. I am Sashrika Waidyarathna from Sri Lanka. I am a final year student at Department of computer science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at University of Moratuwa.

Generally I love web technologies and I always update my knowledge on that area. I am a Javascript, JQuery lover, HTML5 lover. Preffered language is java but has sound knowledge in .NET framework as well. Love to read research papers on Offline web applications, Browser storage, and Software process management.

I have kept in touch with OpenMRS for last one, two years and I have contributed as well. OpenMRS was my first open source experince and will conribute towards it in future as well. Good luck guys : :sunglasses:


Hello, I am Kamonyo Mugabo, Web Developer since 2006. I have been OpenMRS family member since 2009.

I developed various modules for Rwanda Ministry of Health (TracNet Reporting, Billing, Appointment, Quick Lab Entry, Hospital Data Flow management…)

We are now trying to implement a electronic Hospital Management System A.K.A e-HMS that will be used in Public Hospitals (of course using OpenMRS)…

We are hoping that once 2.0 is stable we switch to it. And we will need OpenMRS community assistance.

A warm welcome to all newbies… :wink:


Hi everyone, I am Isha Arora.I am an Undergrad Computer Science student from India.I have made myself familiar with the working of OpenMRS.I am very excited to work with OpenMRS.I am particularly interested in the GSOC’15 proposed project namely “Operation Theater Module Workflow Enhancements”. I am proficient in C++,C,JAVA.I would really like to contribute.Please guide me through how I can be a successful applicant for your project. Thank You



I am Nishant Gaurav. I am a Sophomore from IIT Bombay, India.

I got to know about OpenMRS a few hours ago. Obviously I am here for GSOC '15, but I really admire the efforts of this Community and I am more than willing to contribute. I am particularly interested in working on OpenMRS iOS Client Extensions.

I have made a game called Mr. Quickfoot, which is live on App store as well as Play Store. I am also working on Python(django) based website which will be on the floor till the end of March.

Besides being a developer, I am also a Apple Fanboy, Cricket Lover, Photographer, Entrepreneur and Cook, in no particular order.


Hi everybody,

I am a student in the last year of master studies in Computer Science. It is my first time with an open source project, and it seems promising. I would like to participate in GSOC 2015 hoping my contribution will make patients experience better.

Besides, I have 5 years of work experience with JAVA/J2EE, Spring Hibernate, Struts, among other things.

My Github: zak905 My Odesk profile: https://www.odesk.com/users/~010452dedad146ffdc

Cheers, Zakaria Amine


I am Adam with Soddo Christian Hospital. We are running a 120 bed hospital in Soddo Ethiopia. We have recently started using OpenMRS for our hospital medical record system and are bringing on new functionality as it is available. We currently don’t have a developer on staff, but we are using the services of Intellisoft in Kenya to help us customize our installation.


Hi everyone, my name is Michael Mooney. I’m working on a BSc in Computer Science in Alberta, Canada. I also have a background (and completed degree) in biochemistry.

I don’t have a lot of experience in open source development but I’m eager to get involved in GSoC and of all the projects currently listen, OpenMRS appealed to me most.

I look forward to hopefully being part of the project and having the opportunity to contribute.

Best of luck to everyone!


Hello everyone. I am Karandeep, a 4th year computer engineering student. I am experienced in Java and am familiar with Servlets and JSP. I would like to participate in GSOC 2015. My Github id is karan173


Hey all, this is Sage Arbor, a new biochemistry faculty member to the Indianapolis area (at the new medical school at Marian University). I did a shallow dive into openMRS last summer with some students. We worked on developing triggers by querying the openMRS tables for a few diseases based off some literature. Id say we go 80% done, and I also made a frame work with new tables to make triggers more of an architecture that could be added to over time. All of that stayed in house and never got posted since it didnt get “done” but if others want to pick let me know and I can forward on queries. I honestly think that stuff may be better in something like openHIE. Anyway my real research is different (computational drug design) and dont expect to pick openMRS up again for at least a year (maybe moving towards openVista if I do). So if anyone really wants to pick up triggers where I left off get in touch.

sarbor@marian.edu Sage Arbor


Hi Sage, I would recommend putting your work on GitHub and if there’s a module, you should introduce in the community and add a Wiki page, if not done already.


Hi All, I am Aghatise Joseph originally from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria but live and work in Northern Nigeria. I have been involved with OpenMRS implementation since 2011 then as a Project Manager with eHealth Africa before joining the Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria as a Systems Developer. It’s been challenging implementing and managing OpenMRS in environment with limited resources (human resource and infrastructure). The goodnews is that we have been able to over the initial challenges and by August 2015, we would have implemented OpenMRS in 95 comprehensive health facilities. I spend most part of my time on the internet–friends say I am the ‘Igwe’ of the internet.

I believe EVERYTHING is possible with adequate research and technology. I like to travel, make new friends and try new things. Enjoy working on ‘difficult’ tasks.


Hello everyone,

I’m Ricardo Fusco from Portugal and I’m currently in my last year (4th) of my BSc in Computer Sciences at the University of Évora and starting my MSc in Computer Sciences later on this year.

I have no experience in open source projects whatsoever. It is my first time participating in an open source project and in Google Summer of Code as well. I’m interested in software and web development despite not having much experience in the web dev area. I’m familiar with some programming languages like Java, Python, SQL, Prolog, Javascript, C, amongst others.

I look forward to get started and contribute to this large community while also increasing my knowledge and experience since we’re at it!! :smile:

Google+: https://plus.google.com/+RicardoFusco Github: https://github.com/rjcf18

Best regards, Ricardo Fusco


Hello! My name is Roman Zayats, I am a student on computer engineering faculty in Ukrainian university. I have experience in Java EE about 2 years, using Spring4 framework, Hiberante, and for frontend- jQuery, Angular and the Twitter bootstrap. Also I have experienve in Scala, C++,OpenCL. Your open-source project pretty impressed to me. The quality of code is so high, moreover you are using powerfull and interesting technology!! Here is my github profile. This is my last project that I and team have developed link. (We used Spring4, Hibernate, Bootstrap template).

I believe that contributing your open-source project, during this summer will bring a lot of fun :smile:

Best regards, Roman Zayats.


Hi everyone,

I’m Niluka Piyasinghe, 3rd year computer engineering undergraduate student from University of Peradeniya ,Sri Lanka.I am looking forward to contribute to the OpenMRS through GSOC 2015.

I have done several projects on different level of subject matters.I am interested in Biomedical engineering(currently doing a project),health IT,Web programming,Large scale data mining and Embedded systems.

Apart from engineering, i love to play Basketball( :heart_eyes: ) ,Traveling and reading.


Hello, Niluka! Nice to meet you :smile: Large scala data mining sounds great! :slight_smile: have you participated in kaggle contests? :slight_smile: