Simple work for remainder of class project?

Someone sent me a PM asking for me to post more information, to help steer us in the right direction…

Right now I am using OpenMRS as a project my two seniors in their Senior Project class to participate in. OpenMRS was one of a handful of projects recommended to me for this class, and this is my first time working with it as well. We have a little over a month left in the semester (we’ve been doing a lot of offline work looking at what FOSS software is, how to participate, and things like that), and I’d like to find one or two relatively simple tickets (preferable in core) for them to work on to get an experience in contributing to a real project.

I’m open to all suggestions about how to get them (and me, I’ve not participated in a project like this either) started. Thanks


Hi @howardf64! In case you haven’t seen it yet, I’d highly recommend anyone looking for starting work to check the “Introductory Issues” about half-way down this page:

The first set of issues are a little more prepared, while the second list should still be suitable for beginners, just a bit more “rough” in their definition.

Feel free to comment if you’ve seen the list and still aren’t sure you’ve found the right kind of work. We’ll be happy to direct you to the best opportunities for the remainder of your course. Thanks for participating and welcome to our community!

Hi, we have indeed looked at that list. We were overwhelmed at first, but I think my students have settled on to start with.

I did want to ask a few questions about this, and I’m not sure where to post them, so I’ll start here, then maybe try IRC. We’re not exactly sure what is being asked. I have an idea, but I was hoping I could get some help in finding which files we need to be working in, and maybe an example of what’s not correct, and what the correct version should look like. (I think the description shows the after, but not the before.)

What would be the best way to find out how to proceed with this specific ticket?


@raff as the JIRA issue reporter, do you have any guidance here?

Thanks for pinging me! I created the issue long ago, assessed it again and given the amount of work it requires I think it is not the right moment to do it. I put it on hold (back to design) so please choose a different issue to work on. is a good example of an introductory issue.