Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hello @akshatji,
Welcome to OpenMRS.
As shared by @vasharma05, you can have a look at the project specifications you are interested in, in detail.
Apart from that, for contributing to the Android-related projects, you can have a look here.
For GSOC 2021, you can have a look at the guidelines here.
I hope you have a good time here.
All the best. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you help me by giving information on how to raise a ticket for raising an issue?

Yes sure, after you can log into the JIRA issue tracker, there is a Create Button on the top navigation bar, where you can create a new issue. Btw, were you able to get the access of JIRA?

Ha thanks I got the access and I found how to create issue👍.

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Adarsh Sahu and I am a final year MCA student at Guru Ghasidas University Chhatisgarh. I would love to contribute to the OpenMRS project onwards from this day. I am glad to be here and I hope we shall collectively work together for the good of humanity. For the past 3 years, I am Creating android apps , and from the last year I have gradually switched to Kotlin and MVVM Architecture, I have Created 15+ android apps till now, and My UI/UX skills have improved a lot. Looking forward to utilizing my all learning in OpenMRS Android Client App

Thank you all

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Hi @sahuadarsh0,
Welcome to OpenMRS.
Well, you can look for android related projects here.
But, it’s recommended to start with the Beginner’s Guide. This will help you get familiar with the OpenMRS framework and how you can become a valuable member.
Hope you have a great time here.
All the best. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello everyone, My name is Deepak Mahajan and I am pursuing my B.Tech degree in Computer Science at Guru Nanak Dev University. I would like to contribute and develop new or upgrade existing application to the OpenMRS project. I have worked with various technologies such as Java-Spring framework, Ruby-Rails, Angular and React and created various projects among these technologies. Trying to uplift my skills by collaborating with OpenMRS Web.

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Hi @deepak,
Welcome to OpenMRS. You can start with the Beginner’s Guide.
This will help you get familiar with the OpenMRS framework and how you can become a valuable member.
Hope you have a great time here.
All the best. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Guys! This is Piyush Dhamane, a sophomore undergraduate at IIT Kharagpur. I’m proficient in working with the MERN stack and wish to bring it to use for open source organisations like OpenMRS. Look forward to contribute and learn more!

Hello @piyushdhamane ! Welcome to the OpenMRS community. You can have a look at guidelines for GSOC 2021 at GSoC 2021- Guidelines for interested students. For more information in 3.0 frontend architecture contribution, you can also read at Confluence Mobile - OpenMRS Wiki

Hello @piyushdhamane,
Welcome to OpenMRS.
Hope you have a great time here.
All the best. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, My name is Mustafa Dhar from India and I study computer science engineering at the Medicaps Univesity.

I have decent experience in Java, javascript, react, HTML and CSS. I have been using Django as my framework for over a year now and I will like to contribute to the OpenMRS community anyway.

I am very much interested in participating in GSoC 2021. The main reason for doing GSoC is to get exposure to the developer’s world, work with new people and contribute more to open source I hope that, despite me being a fresher, the OpenMRS community welcomes me.

Hello, @msquare2,
Welcome to OpenMRS. We are really happy to have you here.
You can get started with the Beginner’s Guide.
For GSOC you can have a look at Student Guidelines.
Hope you enjoy your time here.
All the best. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi everyone, I am Mrudul Tora, a 2nd year IT undergraduate. Looking forward to contribute to OpenMRS Android Client Project 3.0.x. I am an active open source enthusiast and previously contributed to openfoodfacts and wikimedia.

Hello @mrudultora ! Welcome to OpenMRS.community. Please have a look at the GSOC Guidelines for a headstart. You can also have a view at GSoC 2021 : OpenMRS Android Client Project 3.0.x - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki for android 3.0 client. I hope this helps you.


Continuing the discussion from Welcome! Please introduce yourself: Hi, I am Sai Keshari, a second-year undergrad in Delhi Technological University (DTU). I am proficient in frontend Web development, particularly in ReactJS. I have also made several projects. I am fascinated by 1 project idea in OpenMRS and would like to contribute to it as part of my GSoC’21 participation and also would like to continue contributing as I find OpenMRS quite interesting application. Please let me know how I can get started and start contributing. Cheers

Hello @saikeshari! Welcome to the OpenMRS community. You can head over to this link for guidelines for getting started as a developer. Get Started as a developer. Hope this helps. :v:

Hi, My name is Bart and I’m a first-year undergraduate of Warsaw University of Technology in Poland (Computer Science). Some of you may already know me since I’ve contributed to OpenMRS 3 years ago as part of Google Code-In 2017. My main interests are backend development (Java/Kotlin with Spring framework) and DevOps. Lately, I’m the main contributor of my university science club FOSS project - Thingoo (IoT platform focused on easy integration for DIY devices). I am willing to contribute again for Google Summer of Code 2021. Cheers :slight_smile:

Hello, @navareth,
Welcome back to OpenMRS. We are really excited to have you back.
Well there might be some changes from 2017, so I recommend going through the Beginner’s Guide.
Specifically for GSOC, you can have a look here.
All the best mate. :+1:
Hope you enjoy it here. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Everyone! I am Pranavdhar Reddy, a Computer Science student at Amrita University, India.

I am really elated to contribute for OpenMRS Community. I am proficient in working in React, JavaScript and Python,C,Django and GraphQL. I had gone through the project ideas and particularly all the subprojects under Modernizing Administration Functions for OpenMRS are really interesting for me.And I couldn’t stop myself contributing to the community.

Looking forward to working with you all.:slightly_smiling_face: