Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hey! This is Abhinav Gudipati from IIIT Delhi India! I am presently a 2nd-year undergraduate. I am targeting OpenMRS as my Organization of choice for GSoC 2021, and I aspire to participate in their Open Source Initiative this year over the course of the next 4 months. I am excited to be a part of this! And would love to get some guidance on how to get started! Thanks in advance!


Just create a new topic on post by clicking on new topic icon :+1:

You are most welcome my dear sister

Welcome to the community @abhinavgudipati. Enjoy your stay at the community use that link as you get started https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer


My name is Kai and I’m a computer science bachelors graduate from Norway. Primarily i enjoy hiking and otherwise enjoying activities out in the open.

I am still fumbling about a bit in the computer science field, still not quite sure what i would like to commit myself towards. Health informatics does seem very exciting, and i hope to be able to contribute to this project while also learning a lot. Currently working through the developer guidebook.

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Hi Hanssen, welcome to the community. Enjoy your stay at the community use that link as you get started https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

Hello everyone, am Lubinga Hudson, a software engineer from Uganda. Am new to openMRS and am privileged to meet a team of many developer with common goals. I expect to learn a lot from everyone here.

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Hello guys, I am Rahul Kukadiya Product Developer from Gujarat India. I have graduated in B.E (Information Technology) from L.D College of Engineering one of the best government college in India.I am caring 3+ years of experience in software development industry with JAVA expertise. I have also achieved OCA badge in 2019. I have experience in BFS as well as Health care domain. I would like to be a Community developer and contribute OpenMRS project onwards this year to utilize my healthcare knowledge as well as enhancing my development skills. Apart of computing I would like to play table-tennis, cricket, traveling to nice places. I am also food lover. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the community and we look forward to your contribution. Kindly follow this link https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer to get started.

Hello Everyone,

Am Geofrey Ssenyondo. A mechanical Engineer by profession however for the last couple of months, I have been learning coding basically with python language using Django Framework.

Am delighted to have this opportunity to be part of this developers community

Regards to everyone

You are welcome to the community. follow this link to get on board. https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

Ivan passionate about web and enterprise software development.I hope to make good contribution here and learn more

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Hi Everybody!

It’s time to introduce myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Privately, husband and father of three children, professionally open-minded and knowledge-hungry junior Java developer, and IT student, ready to contribute for OpenMRS with you.

I’ll do my best to be a productive part of the MRS Community, and I hope you’ll help me with this.

Greetings from Poland!


@rahulkukadiya0 welcome to the community. Lets see more of you online here.

Hi Everyone! My name is Sachin Jethanandani and I’m from India. I’m currently doing my B.tech. I know some things about Android Development and Java and I would like to contribute to OpenMRS.https://github.com/sachin-0102

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We are glad to have you in the community. Kindly follow this link to get started. Just in case you need more help, feel free to reach out to the community through TALK or IRC.

Hello Everyone, I’m Akinwade Adegbola, and I’m a software engineer. I have over 7 years of experience with Java working with Interswitch, Andela, and Spatialkey (Insurity). I’m glad some Andela engineers have contributed to this community. I’m currently working with the team on the implementation of Nigeria distribution of OpenMRS.

I’m looking forward to contributing to you all.


Welcome to the community and we are glad to have you here.

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Hello, fellow OpenMRSers!

I have been around OpenMRS for a couple of months now, thought I should formally introduce myself to the community.

I am from Canada, just graduated with my technical writer certificate this summer. Currently, I am working on one of the GSoD 2020 projects: Improving OpenMRS technical documentation for new developers.

I am also here to seek help: please help me to improve documentation by completing this survey.

Thank you all!


Hi…Its nice to see you all. I am awarjana and I am a mphil candidator. Here I am doing research combines with the openmrs. So I want to solve the problems which is getting errors while using openmrs, with your helps.I hope you guys really help me to solve it, and with your earlier questions and answers I solved many problems while using openmrs.

Thank you