Calling all developers: Want to help us improve on boarding documentation? Please fill out this survey!

The OpenMRS documentation team is working on improving documentation for new developers so that the on boarding process can be as painless as possible. This survey is for all developers especially new developers. The purpose is to investigate user needs, discover problems and find possible solutions with the existing documentation. Answering these questions will help us improve the documentation to help you and future new developers in our community. Thanks for your participation! @developers, @devnull, @dev1, @dev2, @dev3, @dev4, @dev5


Hi @rainbow

It is a great survey actually. Will it be possible to add multiple choice because I feel some questions need multiple choices as answers.

example :- What do you MOST often do when you encounter problems?

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Hi @ayesh, Thanks for the kind words. That question is already a multiple choice. Do you mean adding more choices for that specific question or adding other multiple choice questions ?

Oh sorry I confused you right :smile: :rofl:

I meant for that question it is good to give the user to select multiple answers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you know how can I reach out to all dev1 or dev null? I’ve got only 6 responses for the survey so far.

@rainbow will this help?? @devnull

actually if we can maybe we should pin this post in introduction thread it might get more attention there ? :slight_smile:

I don’t think it works. If you click @dev2, you can see all group members. But not for @dev1 or @devnull.

yes @rainbow it gets markdown support while editing the post but after that it dosent works I donno why !!

@saurabh I like the idea of pinning this to the introduction thread.

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maybe @herbert24 can help us with this !!

Yes. @herbert24 please help !

Since we try to direct all new devs to as a starting point, it might be worth mentioning the survey there (perhaps replace the GSoC 2020 invite that is outdated).

Hopefully this will help too:


Thanks @burke!

@rainbow @saurabh hello,sorry for coming in a bit late,do you still need the thread to be pinned as an introduction thread ? cc @jennifer

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Yes please!