Welcome! Please introduce yourself

We are glad to have you in the community. Feel free to reach out to members through Talk, IRC or slack channel in case you need more help.

Hi it’s a pleasure

Hi there, I am Svenja from Germany and I would love to contribute on the micro frontends parts of OMRS while always learning and improving myself. Really happy to join this community!

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You are welcome to openmrs

Welcome @sduslu to the community

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welcome to openmrs @sduslu . :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

you can start with this ticket : https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/HTML-202 .


I am Domou Brice a software engineering student at the University of Buea, Cameroon. I am a beginner developer in JAVA and Springboot and will like to use my little knowledge to contribute to the advancement and growth of this community while acquiring more knowledge.

I am very excited to be here and I am counting on the help of everyone to achieve my goal.

Thank you for having me.


welcome to openMRS @dbryzz . Follow the instruction on this link :


You can start with this intro ticket : https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RA-1827

Hi, @geofreys , welcome to the community, the starter link shared by @gracebish is handy to get you started. However, in your description, you mentioned Python and Django Framework as your first technologies. Please note that OpenMRS is built around the Java ecosystem. Spring, Hibernate, Groovy among other technologies. You may need to check out these Java, Spring and Groovy resources as well.

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@geofreys We have OCL which requires Python and Django Framework skills. Kindly feel free to join the squad.

Hello everyone! My name is Tara and I am a senior Computer Science and Quantitative Economics major at Dickinson College. I am interested in entering the medical field which really draws me to the OpenMRS community. I will be joining an open source project with a group of classmates for this academic year and OpenMRS is one that I am really interested in contributing to!

I am proficient in Java but do not have experience contributing to H/FOSS projects. I’m hoping that OpenMRS will be a great project for me to learn from and also be able to contribute code to! I’m trying to get a gauge for how much I will be able to contribute to this project as someone with little background. If you have any insight, I would love to hear from you!

From the research I have done, OpenMRS seems to have an amazing community and I hope to be a part of it for the rest of the academic year!

Thank you all!


welcome @dedrickt
you can start here :


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Welcome to openmrs @dedrickt

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Hello everyone, I’m Pranoppal from India, currently pursuing my final year of under-graduation at NIT Surat. I like developing mobile apps and learning new things. I always wanted to contribute in open source but didn’t have much skills, now that I’m into development from sometime I would be able to contribute, maybe very little but still I would love to do so. And also I would be able to learn so much from this great community.

I would like to start contributing in the android client app, I already forked the project and going through the code but as I am new to open source, I would be really grateful if someone could guide me through the process.

Looking forward to interact with new people and also to work together with everyone. Thank you


We are glad to have you here. You can have a look at this guide to help you get started. @f4ww4z can be of greater help when it comes to android client app,

Hi everyone! I am Abhay. I wish to contribute to Open-MRS Android Project. Can anyone help me identifying good first issues?

Hello; I am Katabira Derrick Teefe a student of java, html and css, and would wish to contribute to this awesome project. will be glad to get help from members here, thanks.


Welcome to the openmrs community

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Welcome @prayutsu To the community. @f4ww4z could help with the android client app contribution

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