Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hi Am Katana Joshua, a new member here. hope to explore a lot .


Welcome @katsjosh. Follow this link to get started as a developer https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

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Thanks @gracebish

Hello @katsjosh, you are welcome to the Open Source community. You might also find the Dev Manual interesting. please check it out http://devmanual.openmrs.org/en/

Hi everybody in the OpenMRS community. I am a volunteer in Canada helping a remote village in Haiti to access medical care through a newly built clinic. We are thinking of configuring and using OpenEMR at that clinic when we open. We downloaded version 5 and are trying to understand how everything works, using the Video tutorials. We have starting setting up the facility, some users, etc… We hope that the OpenMRS community will help us achieve a successful set-up and be a resource for us for troubleshooting and problem solving. Thank you!


Hello @katsjosh Welcome to the community. Feel free to explore follow all links given the resources are very good. Ask questions where you need guidance

Hello @here My name is Teneng Cliford, I am a student at the College of Technology of the University of Buea in Cameroon studying software Engineering. I am good at Java, Javascript and Python. I am willing to contribute on the openMRS API to show what i can do and to increase my knowledge and skills.

Please can anyone help me on how to get started?. thank you.

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Hello @cliffordten welcome to the community. As you start your journey here take a look at https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer.

Thanks @emiriga.

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Hi everyone, trust we are keeping safe? I’m Moses Luke, and I’m here to gain more insight in the use of OpenMRS and have impact in the community. I am a Data Scientist, currently working as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer on HIV/AIDS program in Nigeria

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Dear @moses you’re warmly welcome to the community.Here you can go. Endeavor to reach out via Talk thread for any help if stuck.

intresting intro @sacull :grinning: , welcome to this great community

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Hello Everyone, I’m Olufunke from Nigeria. I just completed my masters degree in Management Information Technology with about 10 years work experience in the finance sector. I’m aiming to try my hands on technical writing as well as develop coding skills. I hope i’ll be able to benefit as well as give back to this community. Thank you.

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You are welcome to the community. Follow the link below to get started as a developer. https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Getting+Started+as+a+Developer

Hi. My name is Nina and I am a Computer Science graduate from Ireland.

I have been going through the process of learning how to build and run the tests. I am keen to try contribute to an issue.

I have a technical issue with my login on the site - perhaps someone could tell me if this is normal?

When I go to this page it tells me that I am logged in: https://id.openmrs.org/

However when I visit this page it tells me that I am not logged in and my username / password is not recognised: https://issues.openmrs.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa

I have tried resetting my password.

Is this normal? Thanks!

Oh sorry about this! This page is mainly for introduction purposes next time you face a challenge, kindly create a new topic. To solve your blocker kindly contact the Help Desk to request access to the wiki for edit/write access and you be good to go.

Oh right sorry. Thanks for the link.

Hello, my name is Wesley Romulus. I am trying to learn how to use OpenEMR in an upcoming rural medical clinic. I am an administrator/user, not a programmer. I have encountered a difficulty in creating new patient. I need help from the community to solve this issue.

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@emaswromulus01 could you please make a new post on OpenMRS Talk regarding your issue :slight_smile:, actually this thread is dedicated for introductions .

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Thank you! How do I create a post…?

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