Welcome! Please introduce yourself to the Bahmni community

I’m a beginner developer, interested in turning this to a career. I hope to do the Rails Girls Summer of Code this year. I have a background in Rails and Javascript (Jquery, React).

Bahmni sounds like an interesting and very useful project to contribute to.

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Hello! I am Nishtha pursuing a BTech degree at IIIT-Delhi. I am applying for RGSoC’18 under team Codesign. We are really interested in the unique and revolutionary concepts behind Bahmn. We cannot wait to start contributing! We have experience in Python, Java and C and also have some experience in HTML. We are willing to develop and widen are skills as and when this project requires us to. We would also like to explore the opportunities we’ll have here as a Computer Science and Design student. Looking forward to contributing to this community.

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Hello! I am Sruti Sridhar. I am a Business Analyst with ThoughtWorks, India. I come from a Public health background and being involved with Bahmni is an exciting space to be in. I have been working with Core Bahmni Product Team and other implementations of Bahmni for about 2 years now. :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone! I am Shubhi Lohani, a Computer Science Engineer in making from Delhi, India. I am a Computer Science major undergraduate at IGDTU, Delhi. I am applying in RGSoC under the team name- CodeBusters and would love to get involved with Bahmni community. I look forward to becoming a valuable part of this awesome community for long term!

I am Anjanaa, an engineering graduate. I have completed a 3 months internship in web development. I saw Bahmni listed as one of the projects in Outreachy and reading about it got me excited immediately. Looking at how much you have simplified the burden of maintaining the hospital-patient history and the thought that if selected, even I would be able to contribute to this big vision of yours makes me contented.

Hello everyone! This is Priyanka. I and Aishanya are 2nd-year students from NSIT, Delhi. We are very excited about getting involved with the community and are willing to contribute to the BAHMNI project. We are web development enthusiasts and enjoy making new projects. To begin with, we are all set up with Bahmni on our local machine. Now we are exploring the possibilities to contribute it in the same. Hope this RGSoC proves to be a great learning experience for us.

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I am Pramida Tumma, working with Thoughtworks as an Application Developer. I have been working on Bahmni implementations for one year.

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Hi, I am Himabindu, working as a Application Developer in Thoughtworks. I have been working on Bahmni for around 2 years.



I’m Vishmi, member of Team //TODO : ACHIEVE!. We carefully went through RGSoC projects and we recognized that “Bahmni” is the most suitable project for us. It is perfectly matches to the skills and experiences we are already having. As a team we are strong enough to successfully complete this project. We both have experiences on working with Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Specially We have worked with some front-end and back-end frameworks like Angular and Spring Boot. I have worked with some APIs also. (Examples - Google Map API (JavaScript) and Gmail API). Both of us are new to React, so we think it’s a golden opportunity to learn React and do a project using it. So we already started learning React. We are really love to work on openMRS projects. We have practical knowledge and experiences working with Healthcare sector, my teammate as a Red Cross member and me as a Girl Guide. We have worked for so many Healthcare Volunteer Projects. So I think that practical knowledge and experiences will help us a lot to make this project more successful and to make it more user-friendly.

We can’t help waiting to work on this project.

Thank You.

Hello, I am Divya Baid, a Computer Science Engineering undergraduate from Jaipur. I have prior knowledge of Java, Javascript and AngularJS. I would like to work with Bahmni through Outreachy and I am very excited about it.

Hello, I am Tapiwa a Software Developer based in South Africa. In the process of implementing a similar technology like Bahmni for a local public Hospital.

Hello everyone! My name is Armando Gomez and I am a CS student in Chicago, IL. I’ve never contributed to FOSS before and I am looking forward to this being my first opportunity. I am experienced with Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I am currently teaching myself Angular and Spring Boot since I’ve never had to make an application with them before. Looking forward to my first contribution and collaborative efforts with everyone.

Hello, I am Daria, software engineer from Russia, Moscow. I studied computer science in Moscow State University and worked for 2 years as Java developer. Now I am interested in Outreachy program and in Bahmni project and want to try to do something useful for you.

Hey everyone,my name is Aditi Sharma and I am currently a computer science undergraduate from BITS Pilani ,Hyderabad campus.I have done some projects on personal level using AngularJS ,Javascipt and python and I look forward to this wonderful opportunity named as Outreachy in expanding my experience as an opensource contributor.I am presently having some trouble in setting up the development environment for Bahmni. Can you please tell me where i can seek help regarding it?

Welcome all!

If you’re here for Outreachy, do take a look at this thread: Applying for an internship? (RGSoC, GSoC, Outreachy, etc)

@aditi2126 If you have questions about getting a dev environment set up, then the Slack channel is likely your best way to get interactive help. (Or else, post a more thorough description of what you’ve tried so far and what you’re experiencing, in a new topic.)

Hello everyone,

My name is Solange, I live in Belgium and have been a Java software engineer for the past 7 years, building applications for the healthcare industry.

Contributing to open source projects has been a desire of mine for a long time, but I never really dared to jump in. Until I heard of the Outreachy program, and the many opportunities it offers to get started.

I am looking forward to getting to know the Bahmni community, and hopefully embark on a very exciting and rewarding journey as an open source contributor.

Thank you so much for this opportunity :slight_smile:

@leonardndongo, you might also want to introduce yourself here on this Bahmni thread.


My name is Ian Manyama, I am mobile and web applications developer from Tanzania, currently working at University of Dar es salaam Computing Center(UCC), we are helping Ministry of Health developing national Electronic Facility Management System using Bahmni.

I have been working on this project for two years now and this community has been very helpful. Thank you.


hello Team :slight_smile: My name is Franck César DJAPA, and I’m a Software Engineer with CNLS/MOH, based in Cameroon,Africa. I work as a IT & Database engineer and I’m currently engaged in deploying /customizing Bahmni in 2 local hospitals in my country. I’m very glad to join the community. i started working on Bahmni for 4 months now, and i’m really sure that i’ll find all the necessary advices/tips among you guys ! :slight_smile: