Welcome! Please introduce yourself to the Bahmni community

Hello ! My name is Abraham and I am located in India, Andhra Pradesh. I am just about to start my practice right now. I have been looking at electronic medical records systems for a while now. I stumbled upon OpenEMR but I dint find it much appealing. Then I heard about this wonderful Bahmini and how it integrates mutiple subsystem in it. Looking forward to using it in my practice. Excited !!!


Hi my name is Shreerang Vaidya, and I am a student competing in Google Code-In 2017! you are doing a great job, OpenMRSQ!

Hello ! I am Rajashri, working in Thoughtworks as Application developer from last three and half year. Looking forward to contribute to Bahmni community.



I’m Ivange Larry. Software Developer with Mekom Solutions. I’m based in Buea, Cameroon. I’m a new member to the Bahmni Core Team and will be contributing to Bahmni as part of the core team under Mekom Solutions.

While I’m new to Bahmni, I’m an old timer in the OpenMRS community from starting as a volunteer developer back in 2015, to been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2016, mentoring GCI/GSoC and running GCI as org admin, etc. It has been an adventure.

I look forward to my new adventure in the Bahmni community.


Hi all, My name is Mangesh Kasbekar. I have worked in the software industry for 20 years, but new to EMR systems. OpenMRS/Bahmni would be the first EMR system that I am starting to familiarize myself with. I’m looking to play with Bahmni for now, and hoping to contribute once I gain some level of familiarity with it. I’ve read through many documents on the wiki and I must say I’m very impressed how well the software has been architected and how vibrant the community is.


Thanks @angshuonline for looping me in.

Hi Everyone,

This is Bagavathy Durairaj. I have 7 years of experience as a Healthcare Business Analyst. Within Healthcare domain, I have been associated with many Insurance Payer and Provider system implementation projects. I am here to understand Bahmni open EMR better and provide a meaningful contribution to this community.


Hello my name is sanjana perera. I am a 3rd year software engineering student in NSBM(associated with plymouth university, UK). I work as a software developer at ksoft radix localiter in colombo, sri lanka. Currently i am implementing bahmni on to an animal hospital. im new to this community. I love to learn new things so i can expand my knowledge :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, my name is Amos and I come from Mozambique.

I am currently working with Jembi Health Systems in development and implementation.

While I’m new to openmrs and bahmni I’m looking forward to learning more from the community and hopefully contributing.

welcome Amos.

Thanks a lot.