Wanted to Integrate my personal project with OpenMRS

Hello I have made a health monitoring system Smart Health Care`
which takes ECG inputs via wireless Blue-tooth wearable sensors to Android and sends them to my local server we also track person 's regular approximate calories burned via accelerometer data and show live update, also detects if he has fallen, in case fallen take immediate ECG we have designed an arrhythmia predictor too for the app and plan to predict person 's chance of heart disease based on his regular lifestyle via monitoring (calories burned vs calories intake) and regular ECG it also visualize the data . I read that OpenMRS needs a new patients data collection method can we work on integrating Smart health care with OpenMRS Android client


Can Some one please help me how can I integrate it to openMRS

Thank you so much @rajpratim21 for the desire to combine efforts! :smile: @avijitghosh82, @tmarzeion, @adamg, what do you think about this?

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Technically we could link it with the Forms page. There would however be certain complications in matching the right form field with the right data sent by the device…this needs to be specified by the api.

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I am very exited to work with the community for the integration :slight_smile: of the Smart Health Care with OpenMRS I will do the required work that’s needed I am looking for your guidance I want this project to reach people I will work accordingly The project has android client also integrated with sms alert during emergency situations etc, and also we were planning to train a classifier for Classifying the medical Data planned to add lot more features to integrate IOT and Machine learning into it ,

Thank you so much for your support :smiley: .

I believe if we integrate the two we can automate the form entry process a bit enhancing the UX. also . We may also analyze their data in some background clouds too and give them regular feedback on their life style . In this way OpenMRs’s involvement can be increased further to fitness assisting app too :slight_smile: please share your views @avijitghosh82 @dkayiwa @adamg @tmarzeion

This is really interesting @rajpratim21. Is this a GSOC project or something you are doing outside of that? If outside, can we move this to a different category where others will see this as well?

I’d love to hear more about your project. Do you have documentation about what your project does, what devices it interacts with, etc?

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No @janflowers this is not a GSOC project. it’s my personal project that I wanted to integrate with OpenMRS .Surely we should move it to different category :slight_smile: till now there’s no Documentation(as it was just a personal project :sweat_smile:) I will work on it and submit the documentations soon. it can interact with any ble enabled 1-12 lead ECG sensor but I preferred 3 lead because of mobility. like Example of ecg sesors( for testing purpose though I used a Simulation python script ) Thank you for your interest

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@janflowers @avijitghosh82 @dkayiwa @adamg @tmarzeion I have added the Documentations to SmartHealthCare1.2 and also the wikis at Wiki code is well documented you can have a look at it Hope you like it to be notted I have n’t added Documentation for the server part and analysis part as they are n’t in this repo [quote=“rajpratim21, post:9, topic:8146, full:true”] @janflowers @avijitghosh82 @dkayiwa @adamg @tmarzeion I have added the Documentations to SmartHealthCare1.2 and also the wikis at Wiki code is well documented you can have a look at it Hope you like it to be notted I have n’t added Documentation for the server part and analysis part as they are n’t in this repo [/quote]

@janflowers @avijitghosh82 @dkayiwa

Documentation is done you can have a look at it here docs and wikis wiki @janflowers please comment

Hi Raj

I have experimented with something similar here, an ionic app communicating with openMRS. The vision is to have a uniform data model as explained in the linked blog page and wiki.

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Yes Exactly :smiley: I have also designed SmartHealthCare with same concept @beapen . I think if we can introduce some data analysis in between then we can automate the process and get meaningful insight from the data . I would love to work on analytics part and android part too if you are interested I believe integrating SmartHealthCare with ionic will be more practical as we both are on same model

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Do you have some sort of demo that you could show us? :slight_smile:

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I will work on it should I show you a video ?

I will be unavailable till 22 october because of some health issues once I am discharged I will get back with work.:slight_smile:

We could schedule you on a developers call and you show us a live demo together with some followup questions. No need to hurry, take your time and you will get back to us whenever you will be back in action. :slight_smile:

@rajpratim21, sounds interesting! One way to approach this would be to submit data to an OpenMRS server via FHIR…

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@dkayiwa @darius @janflowers @avijitghosh82 I will be working on the demo till then I can atleast share some screen shots :sweat_smile: for fun


In above screen shots one with landscaope mode black ground is the universal plotter it will give a live plot of ECG , blood presure etc all the bluetooth enabled sensors data till now I had written a Python script which is simulting the sensors due to some system error that file is unavailable right now but soon will be rewrite it.

@darius thank you for supporting :slight_smile: I have also thought for the same and already mentioned int the [FHIR talk] (FHIR for our future: What do we care about?) surely we will get the work done feeling hopeful