wanted to integrate SmartHealthCare with OpenMrs android clent

This is in response to the topic Wanted to Integrate my personal project with OpenMRS as that topic din’t got any replies recently I am making the new one I wanted to have the opinion of community regarding a topic I wanted to integrate SmartHealthCare1.2 (my personal project with OpenMrs android client. Smart Health Care docs and wikis wiki can be found I recently documented the code . In short it’s an android app which receives ECG via bluetooth ECg sensor it can be extended to any signals(not limited to ECG) can be intgrated with any of the BLE enabled sensors wirelessly it also act as a fitness tracker while and tracks calories burned . I wanted to contribute to OpwnMRS via SmartHealthCare if comunnity find it useful please comment I am willing to change the code as per need :slight_smile: Thank you for your time