FHIR for our future: What do we care about?

Hi all,

OpenMRS is considering organizing some more FHIR development work. In the early phase of our discussions, we’re reaching out to you for ideas. What do you care about? what would you like to see?

We want to hear from you!

  1. implementers / clinicians : What resources do you care about, and what clinical scenarios should we target, given our focus areas on chronic care / AIDS etc?

  2. technical folks: our friends from Bahmni, OpenHIE etc, (@darius, @angshuonline et al.) What would help you to integrate OpenMRS with other software? how can we make the FHIR module more technically appealing and robust?

  3. FHIR hackers: @harsha89, @mayank, @sashrika @rasanjana et. al. what did you always want to implement, but never had the time to complete?

Help us inform the next steps for FHIR. You have the power! :wink:

@surangak I noticed the FHIR module only supports platform 2.x any chance of backwards compatibility with 1.11.x as there is a possible use case within the Uganda implementation

@surangak Since we have added support for several resources, if one to two deployment adopt current FHIR module, then we can fill the gaps in the module depend on the requirements.

@surangak where is the current OpenMRS FHIR documentation?

@janflowers please find it in https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/OpenMRS+FHIR+Module

I want to integrate OpenMRS to SmartHealthCare it’s wiki Wiki to extend it’s android client and give it additional functionalities. I am very exited to work I just need some assistance and approval from the community . I would love to hear about reviews from the community please have a look and guide me if we can extend the android client .desperately waiting for your replies you can also join the discussion at discuss :slight_smile:

@surangak, on the Bahmni team we are very interested in FHIR generally, and in particular we expect to do some work soon on using FHIR to synchronize data between a primary OpenMRS server and a secondary one (e.g. for a mobile or satellite clinic).

We will presumably start from the FHIR codebase we use in production in Bangladesh, but we should discuss this.

I think this is a very useful real use case to look at, I.e. being able to move patient data between two servers via FHIR. And if our efforts can’t converge on a single FHIR codebase, at least we could ensure two FHIR modules can handle each other’s data.

@darius I am very interested in this use case and I think is a main driver for FHIR please do keep me in the loop and am happy to dedicate some time as and when is needed.

Will this be only for 2.x or will 1.11.x platform be supported?

@darius, I may be wrong, but is the work in Bangladesh using the HAPI FHIR API, or the earlier FHIR reference API? If its NOT using the HAPI FHIR API, you might want to re-think this; but i’m sure Angshuman has already thought this out :slight_smile:

Also, yes, agree on use case - if we can identify a use case that involves integrating OpenMRS with a project that our potential funder cares about, and in doing so, also build stuff that everyone else could use, that would be pretty wonderful.

@surangak, I understand our code is based on the the earlier FHIR reference API. We might think about refactoring this in the long run, but given we have production-tested code, and a standard interface that’s independent of the FHIR codebase, I’m not concerned about this point.

Obviously, finding a specific real-world customer for the work is best, but in the absence of that, I think this use case is generally useful enough that we could find lots of interested users along the way.

@ssmusoke, we intend to start from a Bangladesh codebase that runs on the 1.x platform, so in theory it should work on platform 1.x. But no promises, as we’re working on getting Bahmni to platform 2.x within our next few releases, so platform 1.x compatibility isn’t necessarily a requirement for us.

Follow our initial discussions about the work we’ll be doing on this thread: Mobile Medical Unit / Satellite Clinic discussion

@darius Please can you share a link to the code base for Bangladesh so that I can see how to leverage it for our needs

I was wrong. I talked to @angshuonline today, and he points out that we switched to HAPI FHIR a long time ago. :slight_smile:

@darius please can you share a link to the Bhamni FHIR usage.

@ssmusoke : please take a look at http://sharedhealth.github.io/ .

@vinkesh Thanks which GitHub repo contains the FHIR implementation?

@ssmusoke: Please check https://github.com/SharedHealth/openmrs-module-bdshrclient . Its an openmrs module to interact with central SHR server using FHIR specification.

@vinkesh Thanks