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(Jai Tatia) #41

@burke its been some time since i answered but i haven’t received any response. Could u look into it :slight_smile:

(Burke Mamlin) #42

Turns out the quizgrader bot was getting network errors and, after beating my head against the wall a bit, I discovered restarting Docker service on that server fixed them. Turns out I’m not alone in running into DNS issues with Docker. I found this article and applied its permanent system-wide fix, so hopefully this problem was recur.

In any case, @jtatia, you’ve earned Smart Developer and should get bumped to /dev/1 within 24 hours. Congratulations!

(Jai Tatia) #43

Thanks @burke :slight_smile: .Hopefully there are no more problems. I am not sure if its useful, but we could use google forms to host the quiz. This way the data from anyone answering the quiz would be updated directly into a spreadsheet(which is automatically created for any form).

(Burke Mamlin) #44

It’s not a bad suggestion. We’re using SurveyMonkey because a fair amount of effort had been put into designing the quiz there. I know we currently use some SurveyMonkey features that Google Forms doesn’t support (e.g., randomized form of the question), but I’m not sure any are critical. As Daniel reviews the quiz and considers quizzes for other stages, we’ll keep this option in mind (especially if quiz grader automation continues to be not-so-automatic :wink:).

(Sanatt Abrol) #45

@burke my quiz is ungraded as well. I have given it twice already :smile: thinking I gave it wrong the first time around. Could you look into it?

(Matthew Whitaker) #46

Hey @burke, I took the quiz recently and haven’t heard back. I’m pretty sure I didn’t fail. :smile:

(Rushikesh Chaudhari ) #47

I’ve given the quiz few days ago and still not received any email or update regarding the result of my quiz.

(Juliet Wamalwa) #48

Sorry about it kindly don’t get tired @burke promised to work on the process. Mean while continue working on tickets you never know you will be promoted to Dev 2.:smile:

(Herbert Yiga) #49

thanks julie havnot got feed back too still waiting as promised by @burke

(Daniel Kayiwa) #50

@c.antwi can we include this on the agenda of our next PM call?

(Cynthia Antwi) #51

@dkayiwa Definitely. We ran out of time during the last call.

(Cintia Del Rio) #52

I might be able to take a quick look tonight. There’s no easy way to monitor that, let me know if someone is willing to improve that!

(Cintia Del Rio) #53

So, it would be ideal if others can actually look at the code .

So, here’s the docs for quizgrader (not yet public): https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-contrib-itsmresources/wiki/Service-quizgrader

Source available in https://github.com/bmamlin/openmrs-contrib-quizgrader

@dkayiwa I think I can grant you access to the google spreadsheet and create a bamboo build to print the latest 1000 log lines, do you think you could help investigation?

(Cintia Del Rio) #54

Apparently zapier integration to copy data to google sheets wasn’t working. I had to create a new zap (?).

New answers from now should work (allow 24h).

Unfortunately I don’t have an easy way to get older surveys which were missed. Can you please redo the form?

GSoC 2019 : Project/Mentor Brainstorming
(Cintia Del Rio) #55

If you did your test between 29th July 2018 and 01st March 2019, you didn’t receive your grading due to a problem in our grading systems.

That would be (with a complete form): @smartyrad, @hadijah315, @ionkin42, @alalo, @ischenck, @mvtran, @kevinx, @lana, @adtserapio, @bisht13, , @ayesh, @odorajonathan, @ruhanga, @ekirapa, @herbert24, @kdaud, @rushikesh, @codepoet2017390, @abdelaty,

I can see that @andu033 has redone it, and you received smart developer already!

PM Call : Monday 4th March 2019 Platform Technical RoadMap
(Andrei Stanila) #56

Yep. It is working. Thanks

(Andrei Stanila) #57

Why I get the notification with smart developer achievement but I don’t have the title on profile.

(Abdelaty Mohammedmagdi) #58

Should I take the test again @cintiadr?

(Cintia Del Rio) #59

That’s something you should be able to change in your discourse/talk profile

Yes please, unless you don’t care about becoming a /dev/1

PM Call : Monday 4th March 2019 Platform Technical RoadMap
(Cintia Del Rio) #60

Also, multiple people retried the form in different days, so it would have been useful if you reported the error via helpdesk next time.