PM Call : Monday 4th March 2019 Platform Technical RoadMap

Good Day Everyone Happy Friday wherever you are.

We are about to commence the Technical RoadMap for the next platform release. During our next PM call on Monday we are looking to do the following:

  1. Review of Platform Milestones for 2019 and review the tickets that have been nominated for inclusion in platform 2.3 and 2.4

  2. Nominating a Release Managers for 2.3 (@maurya I would like to nominate you)

  3. Developing timelines for commencement of development activities

  4. Discussion on Dev levels in reference to this talk post Tired of feeling so "null"? Become a /dev/1!

  5. Spamming Issue for Telegram channel

Please let us all come in on time for this call as there is lots to cover.

cc @burke @terry @jennifer @janflowers @maurya @dkayiwa @suthagar23 @jwnasambu @prakashpoudel

Re: dev levels, if it’s just because /dev/null -> smart developer wasn’t working, I’ve fixed it already last week.

Apparently it wasn’t working for months, but no one complained before. I’ve mentioned all affected users, they could redo it if they want to have the badge. I don’t have an easy way to add more monitoring.

Only @burke had some knowledge on it, so it would be nice if some other developer is interested on taking ownership on it. We’d need to grant access to zapier, surveymonkey, google sheets and to check logs from our quizgrader app.

I configured zapier to send emails on all failures. I’m also unsubscribing most of emails from infrastructure@o.o, so we’d be able to see those errors better.

Re: telegram, Burke already explained what we plan on doing:

So I’m not sure what else needs to be discussed.

@cintiadr The aim of bringing this up on the call is to just update everyone else who may have not seen the discussions on talk. The creation of a new Telegram chat needs to be actioned.

We can discuss ownership of who can assist maintain this piece.

Thanks for your comments as always.