My Fellowship Journey : Cliff Gita

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I am Cliff Gita , from Uganda ,Kampala, and i have been involved with the OpenMRS community since January 2019 acting as a developer and am currently volunteering as a platform release of 2.4.0.

Am very excited and happy to join the first OpenMRS felowship 2020/2021 as a fellow in the area of development ,focusing on the PLIR ,FHIR ,Analytics Engine Projects for OpenMRS. I will be working directly with @mozzy as my fellow mentor.

In the first Month (November) of the fellowship.

  • I was learning and reading about the project , getting more familiar with the various frameworks used in the PLIR and analytics work.

  • Contributed to the analtics engine, FHIR and PLIR repos.

  • Attended the calls with my mentor and fellow partner and the best way to pool off the proof of concept for PLIR.

  • Attend weekly calls of the FHIR/PLIR and analytics meetings.


Hello everyone

I the past few weeks as a fellow i continued getting more familiar with the analytics engine streaming modes plus the openHIM framework, currently working on shifting debezium specific settings to a json config file.

I also worked on the HAPI FHIR JPA server to enable it support basic authentication for any clients apps making requests . I have been engaged in weekly calls and holding sessions with colleagues ,thanks to @akimaina

I came up with a blog post on the modes used in the analytics engine.

@mozzy @k.joseph @jennifer @ayesh


Hello community

In the past three weeks, i have been working mainly on the analytics engine ie

  1. Fixing Debezium events to FHIR mapping where uuid is missing for specific tables
  2. Adding code formatting in the analytics xml files
  3. Finishing up with moving debezium configs to a json config file
  4. Added the necessary javadoc to util methods

Also been holding personal calls with my mentor(@mozzy ) and @akimaina

The next tasks are;

  • Start working on tasks related to contributing to the development of the OpenHIM mediator for intergration with OpenCR

  • Getting up to speed and helping out in contributing to defining Fhir measure resources and integrating of QA into the analytics work

@k.joseph @jennifer @grace