Sync 2.0 MVP testing

Hello everyone,

The SolDevelo team has recently developed an MVP for the Sync 2.0 module - a solution for synchronizing data in hierarchical deployments of OpenMRS servers. Sync 2.0 is using FHIR (or the REST API) and Atom Feeds in order to synchronize the data between servers. The MVP can currently be used for synchronizing Patient objects between OpenMRS instances and was deployed to a demo infrastructure.

More information about the module can be found here:

We are currently asking everyone interested to take a look at the MVP and leave us feedback on the module. Please also let us know what you would need added to the module in order to start using it .(i.e. synchronization of encounters, manual upload sync data, etc.). We are also looking for parties interested to work with us on some trial installations of the module in order to test how it holds up in real life scenarios.

The MVP deployment is described on the wiki page here:

Please feel free to play with all four servers and leave us feedback. The servers are:

The user/password on all servers is: sync/Sync1234

Synchronization on the demo is set to run every 30 seconds, but can also be ran manually.

Please let us know in case you have any questions or feedback.

Regards, Paweł

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Good work!

@mseaton @darius @raff Do we know any implementers that could be interested in testing this MVP? Is there anything that is currently blocking community to use Sync 2.0?

We would like to give it a try at esaude. I will be installing it on our dev server for testing @valvijo @janflowers @emabota

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@jslawinski, I’m exploring with our team whether or not this is something we might evaluate for our Haiti implementation, since we currently working on upgrading that platform to 2.x.


Yes please - re: eSaude in Mozambique. The sooner we can test it the better.

Hello everyone,

I’m back in OpenMRS and willing to contribute to Sync 2.0 MVP testing. I invite anyone willing to join me and help testing this module to contact me for further instructions. You can also add yourself to OpenMRS QA Team at

Regards, Tomasz

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Hi, @tmueller, I would be happy to help with testing Sync 2.0. Thanks!

@pgesek, is it possible to reset all the sync servers? I am not able to create patients for testing tickets. See Thanks!

@tmueller Are we able to reset all sync servers from OpenMRS demo environment?

@jslawinski We actually solved this problem without restarting sync servers, and there is no need to restart them now.

Regards, Tomasz

Sync 2.0 is strategically very important to the OpenMRS Community. As a community, we need to leverage the good work by SolDevelo. For the past several years, we have heard a continual call for a workable synchronization solution. Now SolDevelo has committed resources to help make it happen! All we need is implementers willing to help exercise the solution and provide guidance/feedback.

We discussed this on today’s PM call and will be reaching out to implementations to recruit some testers. I will also reference this topic within the implementation category.

@pgesek, should feedback be brought to this thread? Or somewhere else?


@burke it is worth mentioning that FGH Mozambique has committed to participate in testing as discussed in the previous Sync 2.0 dev forums. Luckily SolDevelo agreed to make Sync 2.0 work with platform 1.x.

Hi, @burke


Please provide feedback here or on Sync 2.0 Planning

Regards, Tomasz

The need for implementations I have talked to is to sync observations as that is the foundation for reporting and data analysis across multiple facilities. This is about 5 - 10 facilities for the pilot. We are currently running platform 2.x