Welcome! Please introduce yourself

Hi Everyone, My name is Misikir Mehari , I am a senior computer science student at a university in Colorado. I am currently working on my final project and chose OpenMRS and look forward to be a contributor.

@klambo94, @mmehari you are welcome to the community.

Hello Everyone, My name is Kigotho Mureithi, a Business Systems Analyst with special interest in EMRs/EHRs. I look forward to geting started on learning more about OpenMRS and making contribution towards this noble course while at the same time building on my skill-set and knowledge. Thank you

Hello. I am Alice Rowan and I am an undergraduate student in Colorado. I’d like to help develop OpenMRS as my senior project.

Hello Community,
I am a Bahmni implementor based out of Bangalore, India. Previously I used to work in Thoughtworks Bahmni implementation team. Now I provide professional Bahmni and DHIS2 consulting and implementation services as part of Nuchange Informatics. I and my team have completed Bahmni implementations in India, Cambodia, Zambia and Nepal. As part of the ongoing implementations, I am planning to develop some features in Bahmni. Your suggestions and feedback will be much appreciated. Looking forward to the discussions with you. Thanks, Arun Paul


This is Tomasz Mueller from SolDevelo I’m back in OpenMRS and this time I will be contributing to testing OpenMRS Sync 2.0 Anyone willing to join testing of this feature is welcomed to join OpenMRS QA Team at https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/QA+Testing+Manual and follow Sync 2.0 MVP testing topic

Best Regards, Tomasz

what is a good resource/documentation that you would recommend reading for testing openmrs??

@tmueller @alicerowan, @kigothomureithi you are welcome to the community we look forward for your contribution.

Hi, @shahidfoy

I would recommend https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/QA+Testing+Manual, however it was made for Reference Application module, while currently the Sync 2.0 module needs to be tested. Testing techniques (creating and executing test cases) are the same though. Sync 2.0 testing manual will be created soon.

Do you want to contribute to Sync 2.0 testing? If yes, please reply to Sync 2.0 MVP testing topic I mentioned

Thanks for your reply,

Best Regards, Tomasz

Hi, I am Denis Houzibe from Cameroon, a computer science graduate, passionate developer with 4 years experience as software developer in industries. I came to know openmrs as I am working on a hospital management solution and openmrs is the choice of the company.It was difficult for me to get started with the platform but later on started enjoying it and want to know more about it and even contribute to the community.Hope I will have fun in this community…Hi to the community.

welcome to the community we look forward for your contribution.

Thank you very much

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Hey everyone, I am Arthur Thungu, a software developer at Andela Kenya. I am suer excited to be joining the OpenMRS community. I’m looking forward to making some great contributions to the product and learning as much as I can from everyone here.


Hello Everyone, My name is Sarata, holding a MBA in ebusiness and a bachelor in computer science from Laval University in Quebec City. I am newly experiencing OpenMRS as I am working on hospitals information systems right now. I am happy to be a part of the community.

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Hey everyone, I am Cecilia Nalubega, a developer at Andela. I am excited to be a part of the team and this great adventure. I am looking forward to having a great experience.


@ceciliacaroline, @sbarry, @dante you are welcome to openmrs community. We look forward for your contribution.

Hello everyone, i am Patrick Luwum a software developer at Andela and a newbie to this community. I am happy to be joining this community and I hope my contribution will go a long way in furthering the communities goals. I am really excited!!


Hey. I am Isaiah King’ori a software developer from Andela. I am excited to be joining the OpenMRS open source project and am positive I will fruitfully contribute to the project and at the same time learn from everyone else in the team. When I am not Coding, am probably partying :grinning:


I’m excited to have been introduced to Bahmni on RGSoC 2018 edition.

I’d like to contribute to the project in my small, but meaningful ways. While I’ve been mostly writing Python scripts for quite a long time, Bahmni has presented an awesome opportunity for me to learn JavaScript, and eventually, React JS.

I’ve also set up and installed Bahmni, locally on my machine, using Bahmni Virtual Box

I’m grateful for some help to choose a beginner friendly task and guidance/advice to make my first contribution :grinning:

Thank You!


Welcome brother