Do you have OpenMRS on more than one server? Do you wish they could talk to each other?

Continuing the discussion from Sync 2.0 MVP testing:

Dear OpenMRS Implementers,

Any organization running OpenMRS on more than one server has run into the issue of coordinating metadata or data between multiple servers. Several years ago, Partners In Health built a Sync Module to address this very problem; however, that solution has been difficult to expand to other implementations. In the meantime, the Bahmni distribution came up with a more robust approach to synchronizing data between server, but this solution cannot be run directly within a non-Bahmni instance of OpenMRS.

We’ve heard for years from OpenMRS implementations that synchronization of servers is a critical feature. Now we have an amazing contribution from SolDevelo that has built a new Sync 2.0 solution designed to become a robust synchronization tool for all OpenMRS implementations.

SolDevelo has reached a point where they need beta testers – i.e., implementers willing to give them feedback and drive further development choices for the solution. This is a terrific opportunity to help create a new version of Synchronization that works with OpenMRS Platform 2.x+ and leverages the lessons from Bahmni’s Sync to provide robust synchronization of data & metadata between OpenMRS servers.

All we need is your feedback to help direct the development of Sync 2.0!

Please join the discussion at Sync 2.0 MVP testing to help bring Sync 2.0 to reality!


-Burke :burke: