Server to Showcase UI Changes for Migration to Bootstrap + Pull Request Advice

Continuing the discussion from Gsoc 2019 : Bootstrap as a foundation for Reference Application UI Project:

Continuing the discussion from Gsoc 2019 : Bootstrap as a foundation for Reference Application UI Project:

Hello community as part of this GSoC project we would like to get a server so that we can demonstrate the progress made to date. We would also like to get feedback on the following:

  1. A server to showcase the changes being made e.g.,

  2. Pull Requests - since the changes are being made in multiple modules, coreapps, uiframework, uicommons, referenceapplication I was thinking that all changes be pushed to the same PR for each module to simplify deployment to the server in #1

Looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions as @jwnasambu and I mentor @ayesh on this project


Great effort @ssmusoke. Waiting to see the :slight_smile:

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Yes this is great.

@lilian @jesplana that’s a big step towards mobile responsiveness within OpenMRS. I think we should help wherever we can here.

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Hi @ssmusoke @jwnasambu hope we are continuing the discussions here.

And as discussed I migrated to latest bootstrap.And migrated the login components to bootstrap components. After this Tuesday code walk through will be pushing the changes

Looking really good!

@ayesh @ssmusoke the million dollar question is: what about HFE? Are there any plans to ensure that HFE forms could become mobile responsive?

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Hi @mksd

As my mentors and I discussed on the weekly call I am currently looking in to dashboard and header to make them responsive.But yes will be having the call tomorrow will let know afterwards.


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Hi @jwnasambu , @ssmusoke

I worked on the Header and the Home Page which was broken due to bootstrap 4 integration as we discussed.During the call tomorrow will be doing a code walk through thanks

@cintiadr How can I get a server for this GSoc project based on Reference Application (latest version)

For updates to the server I think this will have to be done manually by uploading the modules that have changed @ayesh so we may have to keep updating this server maybe weekly

Any help getting this is much appreciated

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I’m not sure how this project work, but there’s that can be used to test modules (owner is @dkayiwa)

If that’s not enough, I’d need a date and owner of the new environment, a new docker compose PR:

I’ve learned the hard way that I need it as a docker file, otherwise it’s impossible to keep track of things.

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@cintiadr Thanks for the clarification, will prepare required documentation, and I will be the owner of the environment.

This is different from the as this is for the demoing the GSOC project so will be deleted once the project is done.

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Hi @cintiadr

I have created the PR for the modules that I have done changes.

Can you advice on how to proceed on the new instance.

@ayesh Here are the instructions that are needed for the environment

Hi @ssmusoke @cintiadr

I have created the Pr with the new docker compose file.

@ayesh see PR comment to enable uploading of modules

Did the change @ssmusoke

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@cintiadr thanks for merging the PR :grinning:

Can you please update with the required details of the new instance?

Hi @cintiadr

Updated on the jira.

Hi @cintiadr

I actually uploaded a module in and it did’t seems to be working after few hours checking showing an nginx 504 gateway.Is the service down in the instance

I don’t know why, it was unhealthy. I restarted the docker daemon.

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