Gsoc 2019: Bootstrap as a foundation for Reference Application UI Project

@ayesh kindly let us link here

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@jwnasambu @ayesh apologies for missing this - please can you send up a weekly recurring call as I plan my days based on a calendar

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I will do now

Hi @jwnasambu @ssmusoke

This is the weekly recurring event
GSoC Weekly Update Call

Hi @jwnasambu @ssmusoke

I migrated the patient search page to bootstrap 4 with it’s components.

@ayesh excellent progress.

Can you follow the steps here so that I can get a demo server for the work that you are doing

I am unable to get to it now and I do not want you to lose momentum. I want to plan for a design call in about 2 weeks so that we can share your progress with the wider community for input and feedback

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Hi @ssmusoke

So you want to continue the discussion there .Or want me to follow the setup for deployments on the server.

Btw I just need a clarification for the in the clinician facing.As per my thought these components should be here as it is.Since these 3 components actually fragments(Visit Section, Diganosis widget) are not components which can be replaced by bootstrap and also keeping this as it is will not harm the responsiveness of the pages as well.

@ayesh Take over the discussion, follow the steps and make the required pull requests so that we can get the showcase environment running

The approach is to make as minimal changes as possible since there are lost of implementations that leverage this backend.

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Sure will do

Hi @ssmusoke , @jwnasambu

I completed the patient page with bootstrap migration with it’s components.

@ssmusoke @jwnasambu

After the pateitn page I started working on the pateitnDashboard page .But seems like it will take some time since already in patient dashboard there’s bootstrap integration.Which gives conflicts now with the bootstrap intergation.And I hope this basically because bootstrap 3 / 4 conflicts.Am looking it to it now just want to let you two know :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the updates let me go through it. Hope you submitted your weekly blog!

Hi @jwnasambu

Where do I have to submit the weekly blog.I dint receive any message regarding the blog .

@suthagar23 Hi, I wish to confirm if GSoC students are supposed to submit a weekly blog?

cc @ayesh

Instructions are posted in the respective thread :wink:

Cc : @ayesh @jwnasambu

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Thank you @suthagar23

Hi @ssmusoke @jwnasambu

I fixed the conflicts that dashboard page has and worked on it the full template is covered but yet there are some popus which needs to be addressed.

I have gone through the work. Hope we are having a call tomorrow!

cc @ssmusoke

hi @jwnasambu

Yes we will for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

@ayesh I think you and @jwnasambu should go ahead, given the Eid holiday I will not be able to make it.

Key actions I from my perspective:

  • Getting a server to showcase the work being done, I think its okay to create one from the latest Reference Application snapshot.
  • @ayesh Do look over the documentation provided and generate a PR to create the environment so that this can be showcased - there is a hackathon in Kenya in 2 weeks time, so I would like to see if this can get feedback from a focused set of eyes
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