Gsoc 2019: Bootstrap as a foundation for Reference Application UI Project

Hi @jwnasambu @ssmusoke hope you guys will join the call.What will be medium skype,Hangouts ?

Hi @ssmusoke, @jwnasambu is it possible to have the call ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Lets use this

A call on which link?

Sure will join

@ssmusoke @jwnasambu hope we are having the call tomorrow just a reminder

Meeting Event

Hi @ssmusoke @jwnasambu Hope you guys will be available for the call today :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @ssmusoke @jwnasambu so update for today,

As I posted I worked mainly on

  1. Migrating bootstrap 3 to 4
  2. Login page with full components from bootstrap with responsiveness
  3. Header replaced with bootstrap navigation and it has the responsiveness.
  4. Dashboard with bootstrap components and it also have the reponsiveness,

What I missed from promised

  1. Patient search page I’m working on it currently
  2. And as @ssmusoke mentioned will be working onthe patient dashboard it self for this week.

All work is posted as videos on the other thread with google drive links. Have an awesome evening thank you

Sorry I have been offline unknowingly. Did you attend the call?

Hi @jwnasambu nope seems like Stephen is not online :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry about it. I have been going through what you did today. It sounds good and encouraging only that I haven’t seen the link pointing to the work done. Do you mind sharing the link please?

Oh no worries @jwnasambu you guys have pointed out clearly what to be worked on so no issue I just want to give a quick update.

Sure here it is,

Login Page,

Home And Header

Thank you. Let me go through it I will respond to you in a short while.

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Thank you :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for the work done. Is it okay we have a call?

Yes we can have a call :slightly_smiling_face:

let me create a link then invite you.

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@ayesh kindly let us link here

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@jwnasambu @ayesh apologies for missing this - please can you send up a weekly recurring call as I plan my days based on a calendar

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I will do now