Order Entry UI Sprint 3 Progress

Hello Everyone

As we approach the end of sprint 3 for Order Entry UI, allow me to share the progress we have made so far on behalf of my team.

The sprint began on the 20th of April and we had the following already worked on from the two previous sprints as shown here Order Entry UI Sprint 1 Progress and Order Entry UI Sprint 2 Progress

  • A re-design of the drug order entry page.
  • Implementation of the navigation bar.
  • Implementation of the breadcrumb functionality.
  • Implementation of the patient information header.
  • Implementation of the tabbing functionality for the inpatient and outpatient.
  • Drug search functionality.
  • Active drug orders display functionality.
  • Past drug orders display functionality.
  • Implementation of the accordion for the tap display of active and past drug orders.
  • Styling of the standard dosing form.
  • A table that shows what a user is about to order before the user actually orders.
  • Check whether the encounter type is available as a global property for it is needed when adding and editing drug orders.

The following are the tasks we have been able to accomplish in this sprint among other tasks that are still in progress

  • Free text form styling and validation
  • Standard dosing form validation
  • Consume API to an fetch encounter role
  • Integrate a generic loader
  • Bug fixes and code optimizations
  • Implementations of the previous demo’s feeback

Shown below are the screenshots from the running application

Active and past orders

![58 PM|690x325] (upload://skFv19zJwElbyZhqvJ5LRQQhoLj.png)

In the next sprint; we hope to finalize with basic functionality of the app. This will include but not limitted to

  • Consume Api to add a new order: OEUI-33
  • Consume Api to edit an existing order: OEUI-34
  • Consume Api to discontinue/delete an active order: OEUI-35

cc: @dkayiwa @darius @wyclif @mogoodrich @burke @jteich @suthagar23 @kodero @betty @zeze @flavia @fred @larrystone