Order Entry UI Sprint 1 Progress

Hey everyone!

We are nearing the completion of our sprint, and would like to inform you of the progress we have made so far.

We started this sprint on the 15th of March and so far, we have been able to re-design the order entry UI, implement it as a stand-alone, and implement some of it’s features. We have also implemented the navigation bar, breadcrumb functionality and patient information header. As for functionality, we so far have the tabs implemented, and are working to have the CRUD operations set up.

The next stage will be to allow users place an order for a drug, edit the order, discontinue/delete the order and show all active and past orders for both outpatient and inpatients respectively. Recently the “search for a drug” engine has been implemented. These involve the following tickets:

cc @dkayiwa @flavia @fred @larrystone @geofrocker @betty

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Thanks for the update @zeze. It would be nice if you could also say what tickets are slotted for the next sprint (or just give a general sense of the next things to be added) so that interested people know where to focus their comments.

Hi Darius,

Thank you, would get on that now

Are we able to see these drug order in openmrs demo?