Order Entry UI Sprint 2 Progress

Hello everyone,

We are nearing the end of our second order entry sprint and we would like to inform you of the progress we have made so far.

The sprint began on the 5th of April and we had the following already worked on from the previous sprint as shown here Order Entry UI Sprint 1 Progress:

  • A re-design of the drug order entry page.
  • Implementation of the navigation bar.
  • Implementation of the breadcrumb functionality.
  • Implementation of the patient information header.
  • Implementation of the tabbing functionality for the inpatient and outpatient.

In this second sprint, we were able to complete a few other features:

  • Drug search functionality.
  • Active drug orders display functionality.
  • Past drug orders display functionality.
  • Implementation of the accordion for the tap display of active and past drug orders.
  • Styling of the standard dosing form.
  • A table that shows what a user is about to order before the user actually orders.
  • Check whether the encounter type is available as a global property for it is needed when adding and editing drug orders.

As shown below:

The initial display of the page:

Display of active and past drug orders:

When a drug is selected (Instructions forms are shown):

When instructions have been added but API calls have not yet be made:

In the next sprint; we hope to complete the other remaining functionalities, which are:

  • Adding drug orders: OEUI-33
  • Editing drug orders: OEUI-34
  • Discontinue an active drug order: OEUI-35
  • Style the free text form to be consistent with standard dosing form and add tabbing for the two form formats.

cc @dkayiwa @darius @flavia @fred @geofrocker @larrystone @zeze

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Looks really great :slight_smile: ! Thanks for the awesome work.

I have a few comments about this UI,

  • There is a heading like “Active Drug Orders”. So it will contains all the active drugs list. Then why the list want to show the Status as Active for all rows. Better to remove that column but it will affect the consistency among other tables.

  • Unsaved Draft Data table contains a heading as “Edit”. Since that column contains the edit and delete buttons, better to rename as “Actions”

  • Keep the alignments of the Save buttons and text boxes along with other pages.

Exciting to see this progress! I was disappointed after the first sprint to see us reimplementing all the header functionality in a way that shouldn’t need to be continually repeated, so I’m much happier to see that you’re now building the real Order Entry functions. :slight_smile:

I have one UI comment:

First, when I was trying to implement this I spent a long time tweaking the Standard Dosing screen, under the guidance of @jteich. We ended up with this (the grouping and text hints are important): image

I would suggest to make it look just like that, until we’re able to get feedback from doctors who will use this tool. (I like the current screenshot in your post less.)

Very nice UI implementations.

I bit confused, why this screen shot has two Save and Cancel buttons? It may confuse the users.

@sumangala28 Thank you for the feedback.

There is some tabbing that was yet to be done by the time I took the screenshots. Those are two separate forms.

@suthagar23 Thank you for the feedback.

  • We will see how to handle the Active Drug Orders table and make it better.

  • About the edit heading in the Unsaved Draft Data table; We will correct that. Thank you for pointing out.

  • About the alignments of the Save buttons and text boxes; that is work in progress.

@darius Thank you for the feedback. We will look into your suggestion.