OpenMRS Platform 2.3.0 Released!

Dear all,

The OpenMRS Platform 2.3.0 has been released!

For download instructions and details in this release, take a look at the release notes . Many thanks to everyone who made this happen, from developers, testers, implementations to the community at large. We are now getting ready for the Reference Application 2.10.0 based on this platform which is around the corner.

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Great work done @ruhanga :blush:

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well done @ruhanga cc @jennifer

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@ruhanga Congs !! Tis been a lengthy journey. Glad mountain has been levelled.

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@ruhanga congratulations for the work done.

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congs @ruhanga thanks for the work :+1:


We recently created the uat-platform server (UAT Server for openmrs-core ("Platform") is now available!), how can we make sure that the next time we have a release we don’t forget to update uat-platform?

I had to go and updated it, but I believe it should be part of the release process.


we can surely document it as part of the platform release process , thanks @cintiadr for that great work

@cintiadr is there a way to automate the process ?similar to the Bamboo - Jfrog’s Bintray worklow ?

Unfortunately no, because we are not running the releases from master or an specific branch. Bamboo cannot guess it’s a release from an arbitrary branch, that’s not an expected behaviour.

Thank you @cintiadr, I’ve update the platform release process page accordingly. :slight_smile:

@ruhanga Thanks all for your hard work. i could see mysql 5.7 support that’s nice. May i know what the purpose of DB changes. And also, waiting for reference application 2.10.

Thanks Prapa

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Congrats @ruhanga and thanks for the good work.

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Thanks @prapakaran. It’s quite importance to know the changes in the architecture, structure and/or logic of the underlying database from the previous version. This helps minimize the risks associated with the changes when upgrading and possibly predict the results/impact of any change before upgrading from the previous version of the platform.

@prapakaran ,here is the progress of reff app 2.10

Its now going through User Testing , in case no Bug and any issues arises , the Full version will be released

Congs @ruhanga for great work

Thanks @ruhanga for the great work. How do i access the effects of this ticket?

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@dkayiwa, thank you too for your un-wearying guidance. :slight_smile:

You may want to demo with , with limited features enabled for purposes of effectively keeping it up/running. Else for usage with all features enabled, you can download the standalone or .war file that runs in tomcat, from Sourceforge. Details on installation after downloading the packages can be found here

User name = admin, Password = Admin123 .

@ruhanga i used the SDK to set up a brand new platform 2.3.0 and ended up with the platform running page without a way of getting to the addons and advertised on that ticket.