UAT Server for openmrs-core ("Platform") is now available!

Hi everyone, is now available for UAT testing of Platform! :tada:

It is based on the openmrs/openmrs-distro-platform docker image and the data is reset daily. More information can be found on

Happy (late) New Year, I hope that we’ll have an awesome 2020 ahead.


well done oon this @permissionerror,whats the core role of this server,i have played around it and i got to see that it only avails some informartion about a few modules.

Hi @herbert24, The core role is for testing user acceptance testing openmrs-core when new platform releases are entering the appropriate stage. Same purpose as uat-refapp, but for platform :smiley:


Thanks @permissionerror, I could see some students struggling with Test Case GCI task due to the problem with UAT server.

Happy new year :smile:

@permissionerror @cintiadr thanks for the Great work , checking the version however it’s still 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT ,do we have live changes from CI Bamboo ?

@ruhanga we finally have a Platfrom uat Server, to try out staff live.

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Hi @prathamesh009, I don’t think it’s related. This server didn’t exist, and we weren’t notified of anything waiting for it other than the pending release. Can you explain exactly what’s this task, what’s the ‘problem with UAT server’ and everything else? We should be able to solve that.

Hi @tendomart , no, it’s not automatic because it’s an UAT environment, so it should only have a deployment when the release is ready for UAT (and after release). If you follow the docs, you can find the information about the reset build and the deployment build.

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If I recall correctly, the task was on executing a test case on Reference Application. This UAT server is for testing the latest beta of platform, so it’s unrelated. You can use for testing the reference application. (I recommend qa-refapp, since that’s the distro build. But demo should be fine, too.)

@permissionerror No worries this has come in timely , we had earlier requested to have a platform version as well.

Have a look at this article, the server wasn’t working, so I taught they were related, anayway is the one everyone used


cc: @permissionerror @cintiadr

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Hi @prathamesh009,

That page was very wrong. In order to run UAT tests in the reference application, people should be using the UAT server for the reference application (uat-refapp). qa-refapp should be only used for automated tests from CI, not manual UAT tests.

Most of the link were wrong or not updated, those servers were deleted/replaced more than a year ago.

I think I fixed it all. But please make sure to refer to the docs if you need to understand the purpose of each environment.

Thanks @cintiadr :smiley:

Thanks very much @cintiadr, @permissionerror, @tendomart. Just a small thought on this, since the Platform test server will be up as always as possible, could redeploying it over every 24 hrs period(only when components change) to put into effect the changes on any one of its components, like is done with Reference Application test server, add an advantage of the server running with the current changes?

No worries @cintiadr, @permissionerror. Thanks, I got answered from the wiki doc shared earlier. I guess I was missing a point, resetting the Platform test server daily. :smile:

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ideally its specifically for the platform , nothing more.

To confirm, updating UAT is manual (when someone decides a version should be deployed to UAT), but it has a daily data reset.

No extra modules can be installed to UAT, as it’s not the purpose of that environment.