Reference Application 2.10-SNAPSHOT ready For User Acceptance Testing

Hi community ,
Following the Full release of Platform 2.3 , I also want to announce that Reference application Platform 2.10 ,running on platform 2.3 ,is ready for User Acceptance Testing .

  • Please see our Reff App 2.10 RoadMap feaure Here
  • See Curent List of modules Bundled and removed from the distribution here

Implementations testers and community volunteers are invited to try out this pre-final release and to report any encountered bugs to be fixed before a final release.

Testing can currently be done on the uat-server .

Kind regards

cc @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5 @jennifer @herbert24 @k.joseph


well done moses @mozzy cc @christine

Good work @mozzy so far…

@mozzy i have done testing locally by setting up a new reference application version 2.10-SNAPSHOT. On licking the buttons “System Administration” and then “Manage Modules”, i get a HTTP Status 404 – Not Found error.

I could also add… When I unload a specific module (I have tried with core apps) and I try to load it again…I get errors on the clinician facing dashboard… Will share the error log shortly

Thanks @mozzy for the efforts, am going to try testing it too.

@dkayiwa , i tested that bug locally. At first i thought it was a routing issue in the system admin OWA, but this is what i discoverd .

in the qa-server and other remote server that directly pull a Reff app Docker image , these OWAS are available

  • Metadata Mapping
  • System Administration
  • Concept dictionary

On Pulling down the Reff app locally using the SDK, only these two OWAs are present

  • Metadata Mapping
  • Concept dictionary

So the Above Error is thrown because the System Administration OWA is not loaded/available in the server instance locally.

I understand the System Administration OWA is added here in the reff app , unlike the other two OWAs ,that are shipped in from a respective module.

Probably thats a bug with the SDK. Why is the System Administration OWA not downloaded ??

cc @cintiadr @burke

@reagan , if am not wrong , that seems to be platform specific issue , related with Context Loading ,module reloading , something.

cc @ruhanga

If it’s using the SDK that results in the missing System Administration OWA, we have SDK-250 that resolves it.

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@ruhanga thanks . Sure it should be the SDK. Are you gona try to work on that ??

Actually when you look at the file that is generated before running the server , it contains the owa.openmrs-owa-sysadmin=1.2 property . but when you compare the file thats generated after running the server , the above property is missing

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@reagan , can you reproduce that bug and paste the server logs here ?? we can create a ticket for it .

I’ve invited community Devs to help push SDK-250 forward if possible ASAP here.

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Hi @christine,any progress on a full test for this before we come out with an official release ?

Hi all , after several weeks of testing and fixing issues , I would want to go ahead and release the full version for reference application 2.10 .

I have got clearance from @mogoodrich (PIH).
Is there any one with a blocker/issue that would stop us from proceeding to the full release ??
cc @dkayiwa @ruhanga @mksd @samuel34 @ssmusoke @ddesimone @ball @herbert24 @reagan @cioan @christine @burke

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HI Moses,@christine had prepared some test cases for this and she had talked of a final testing sprint.How is that?Let me also first try reach out to her.

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@herbert24, this is correct. We do have @rmkanda cross-checking on the issues reported before and there will be one more person who will go through the application to ensure nothing is breaking. The sprint should come to an end on 4th March as it began on 19th Feb 2020.


Thanks everybody for the great work!

@mozzy, we may possibly have to depend on the next coreapps version, maybe v1.27.1 because of the fixed issue reported here: Missing PatientId (RA-1696).


well done @ruhanga and @reagan

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true , let me look at how much changes have been pushed, i can still make it 2.8.0 ,ill check and see

@herbert24 abd @christine , Any Updates from the Sprint ??