Reference Application 2.10-SNAPSHOT ready For User Acceptance Testing

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Hi community ,
Following the Full release of Platform 2.3 , I also want to announce that Reference application Platform 2.10 ,running on platform 2.3 ,is ready for User Acceptance Testing .

  • Please see our Reff App 2.10 RoadMap feaure Here
  • See Curent List of modules Bundled and removed from the distribution here

Implementations testers and community volunteers are invited to try out this pre-final release and to report any encountered bugs to be fixed before a final release.

Testing can currently be done on the uat-server .

Kind regards

cc @dev2 @dev3 @dev4 @dev5 @jennifer @herbert24 @k.joseph


well done moses @mozzy cc @christine

Good work @mozzy so far…

@mozzy i have done testing locally by setting up a new reference application version 2.10-SNAPSHOT. On licking the buttons “System Administration” and then “Manage Modules”, i get a HTTP Status 404 – Not Found error.

I could also add… When I unload a specific module (I have tried with core apps) and I try to load it again…I get errors on the clinician facing dashboard… Will share the error log shortly

Thanks @mozzy for the efforts, am going to try testing it too.

@dkayiwa , i tested that bug locally. At first i thought it was a routing issue in the system admin OWA, but this is what i discoverd .

in the qa-server and other remote server that directly pull a Reff app Docker image , these OWAS are available

  • Metadata Mapping
  • System Administration
  • Concept dictionary

On Pulling down the Reff app locally using the SDK, only these two OWAs are present

  • Metadata Mapping
  • Concept dictionary

So the Above Error is thrown because the System Administration OWA is not loaded/available in the server instance locally.

I understand the System Administration OWA is added here in the reff app , unlike the other two OWAs ,that are shipped in from a respective module.

Probably thats a bug with the SDK. Why is the System Administration OWA not downloaded ??

cc @cintiadr @burke

@reagan , if am not wrong , that seems to be platform specific issue , related with Context Loading ,module reloading , something.

cc @ruhanga

If it’s using the SDK that results in the missing System Administration OWA, we have SDK-250 that resolves it.

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@ruhanga thanks . Sure it should be the SDK. Are you gona try to work on that ??

Actually when you look at the file that is generated before running the server , it contains the owa.openmrs-owa-sysadmin=1.2 property . but when you compare the file thats generated after running the server , the above property is missing

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@reagan , can you reproduce that bug and paste the server logs here ?? we can create a ticket for it .

I’ve invited community Devs to help push SDK-250 forward if possible ASAP here.

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Hi @christine,any progress on a full test for this before we come out with an official release ?