OpenMRS GSOC 2019 - Android Client 3.X Phase 2 Project

Hello all! I’m a graduate student. I’m interested to apply for Google Summer Of Code 2019 for OpenMRS. I am very much interested to work on OpenMRS Android Client 3.x Phase 2 project. I am pretty good in building Android Application and working on the implementation of Bahmni (Hospital Information System) in our local server.


@srimanasa did you see this Nigeria Telemedicine App Project

Hi @srimanasa, Welsome to OpenMRS and thanks for your interest on this project. It would be good to mention your respective mentors while you initiating the discussion on forums to get their attention, and use proper titles for it.

Cc : @f4ww4z @csmuthukuda

Hi @srimanasa , welcome to OpenMRS! Glad to have you with us this year. For starters, check out our repository at GitHub and its README for info on setting up your development environment. Next, you can go through the Android client’s issue tracker and choose an issue that is ‘Ready for Work’ and start working on it. Be sure to see our PR tips. Good luck and hope to see your contributions soon :slight_smile: .


@f4ww4z I just started to contribute in this app as a part of gsoc’19 and I also resolve a bug in the code but then I realised that the community uses the Jira and if I have to make a pull request or to assign that issue to me I have to talk to the help desk and register in jira till now I didn’t receive my id and password.

@dkayiwa @helpdesk1 can you help @savani78 with this?

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Hello @suthagar23 , Sure sir! I will make a note of this Thank you for connecting to the mentors :slight_smile:

Hello @tendomart, Yes! I read this project too.

When you say till now, is that weeks, months, years, or how long?

2 days and today is 3 rd

@savani78 currently, help desk attends to such requests in not more than a day. Can you check your spam folder to see if helpdesk responded but you never got the response in your inbox?


@codepoet2017390 i have Solve this issue but i don’t have account in jira so i could not claim that issue but if you need any help regarding that problem you can Reply back.

Hello @savani78 I duly appreciate your help but i think that issue was solved via, i am not sure though. I was busy with my University exams so didn’t get time to pull these changes and test.

@f4ww4z @suthagar23 Hi , I would like to migrate the project to the new Gradle and use AndroidX. It would be very helpful in developing the project further. If its okay, I would like you to assign this task to me.

That improvement has already been done at . But feel free to create new tickets or work on an existing one. Thanks.

Hi! @f4ww4z and @csmuthukuda I am interested to contribute to Android Client 3.x Project - Phase 2 for GSOC2019. I was currently working on the development of Bahmni .I have good knowledge and experience on Android App Development, Java, Basic SQL. I have some innovative ideas for this project. I have also gone through Nigeria Telemedicine App but i thought I can implement some more ideas here…

@tendomart I have gone through "Nigeria Telemedicine App Project " but it is limited that app users only have the ability to self-register, and nothing else. I have some more innovative ideas to reduce the total hospital mannual work .so I preferred this project.

It is very ok. Have you had a chat with @isears ?

Hey everyone, I am doing my best to get involved in OpenMRS and to contribute to the code, but to be completely honest, I am a little overwhelmed and don’t really know how how to start. I am most interested in contributing to the android project and so I have created my own fork and have made sure it’s in sync with the master. I am on JIRA and have looked through all of the issues that are ready for work and don’t really know how to get started on any of them. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to actually make some pull requests/contributions? Should I play around with the app some more and try to submit my own issue to JIRA or should I just focus on trying to solve some of the issues that are already on JIRA? Any advice on how to make a contribution would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi and welcome to OpenMRS! We do have our own Pull Request tips at so you can begin by reading that wiki page. I also suggest to play around more with the Android client and see if you can spot any bugs. Then file that bug in our issue tracker. You can see more info about the client in it’s repository’s README at . Hope this is a good start for you and others.