OpenMRS GSOC 2019 - Android Client 3.X Phase 2 Project

I am trying to play around with the app, but I’m not sure I have it set up properly yet. The app successfully builds and runs, but when I click the “Register Patient” button it crashes. Any ideas why this is happening for me? I think I’ve correctly set up maven and sql but I’m not sure. I’m a little overwhelmed with all the necessary components needed to just get started and I need to be able to properly run the app to get started on anything. When I run ./gradlew assemble, the build fails and I get the message:

Task :openmrs-client:validateSigningRelease FAILED

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

This doesn’t happen though when I click the green arrow to run the whole app

Hello fellow coders, I am Amogh Jahagirdar, a keen learner and enthusiastic developer. The concept behind OpenMRS is a very genuine and noble cause paving the way for a better world. I am very excited to be a part of this movement and would love to learn more and be able to contribute to such an amazing opensource community. Looking forward to work with all of you guys!! :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone! My name is Shiva Kanth. This is my first foray into the realm of OSS and OpenMRS. I hope to learn a lot and gain valuable experience from my interactions with this community.

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Salaam @f4ww4z

I am Muhammad Talha student of Bachelor’s of Computer Science at National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad. I am passionate towards helping community and android is what I want to work on. Openmrs is giving me a chance to combine both my passion and interest. So, it would be great for me to work with openmrs for participating in GSOC 2019. I have experience in java, javaFX, mySql, Data Structures and Algorithms and currently working in Android. Can you please guide me how to take an excellent start to contribute in android project of openmrs. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

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Hi, sorry for the trouble. The validate signing release error comes up because you are trying to build a release version, which needs the credentials from OpenMRS account. We normally use the debug build when developing (yes, by clicking the green button in AS).

Hi and welcome to OpenMRS! You can get started by contributing to our Android client project by searching through our issue tracker. You can get started to work on an issue by hitting the Claim issue button . Do make sure to refer to our OpenMRS pull request tips. Thanks and looking forward to your contributions.

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Thanks for the warm welcome! I am starting to get acquainted with the codebase, will start making meaningful contributions to this project! Excited to work with you! :smile:


Hi! I was going through the issues and found a few which I can work on right away. Unfortunately I am not allowed to log in into the openmrs issue page. It asks me to contact my JIRA Administrators. Can you please fix this?

you got ur JIRA account accces @amoghjrules

Thanks for the quick reply, but I still am unable to login.

you need to go to the Community Help desk
Click on Create a new case button and request access for JIRA, then you will be given access within 48 hours
Once the request is granted, you can get started to work on an issue by hitting the Claim issue button

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@amoghjrules Have u recived the jira cnfirmation mail from Helpdesk

Thanks for the help, my request was fulfilled! :slight_smile:


Yes! I got it within 6hrs of putting my request.

this is the page @ajaymourya was referring to, the create new case is the orange button on the right side. Click it and you’ll be directed to send a request via email. State, why you want issue access. Upon approval you will get a mail in your inbox saying that you have been granted access. Hope it is clear now. Contact me if you have any issue. I’d be more than happy to help :slight_smile:


thank you @amoghjrules

Bundle of thanks for your cordial welcome and encouragement. In Sha Allah, I will try my best to make significant contributions.

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Hello everyone, I was going through the provider management module in the web app but could not find the functionality of referring patients to the providers. So has this functionality not been implemented yet in the web app and if it exists please help me find it

@codepoet2017390 This seems like a WAY different question than this thread. But an excellent question. I recommend you create another post on talk, and I’ll respond.

@ball Actually i was asking in the context of implementing the provider module in the Android client. I just wanted to see how that works in the web app so that i get a basic idea of the android implementation. I surely create a post on the talk.

permission has been granted by JIRA but still iam not able to login the page.

what should i do ? :frowning:

please help ! Screenshot%20from%202019-03-21%2012-48-08|512x106 Screenshot%20from%202019-03-21%2012-49-02