GSoC 2019: Warm up practices for students

Thanks @monasaleh. Let us look into those research articles.

@suthagar23 for example, we can discuss this paper that talks about:

  • (Medical Logic Modules) & (Disease models) for (Clinical Decision Support) at the (Physician Order Entry).

  • It also talks about (Patient Consent Policies),

  • (Voice Recognition for dictation),

  • (Barcodes),

  • (Biobanks linked to EHRs),

  • (the need for restrictions on the use of copy and paste to limit the growing challenge of ‘note bloat’)

  • Infobuttons (Open Source Web Service) and information retrieval,

  • Travelers’ health.

  • Use of mobile devices with high-resolution cameras by clinicians to capture images from the bedside and incorporate them into the EHR

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@suthagar23 we can also discuss this paper: thru this table: and this table: :slight_smile:

This is so exiting. Thanks @suthagar23 for this article

@suthagar23 Thanks for your guidance. I hope I will have a great time with OpenMRS

@suthagar23 Its a pleasure to be here once again been out a while but eagerly ready to participate this year

Thanks for your guidance. It helped a lot. I have set up the development environment using my own tomcat server and Reference module platform. I have been going through the code base of the OpenMRS core and some OpenMRS modules to get myself familiarize with the code base. I found some issues in Jira that I can contribute. As a start, I would like to work on this issue in OAuth module.

Thanks Suthagar for this resourceful information and links

Thank you very much

Thank you @suthagar23 for sharing this helpful topic. :smile:

thanks for such a informative article …:+1:

@suthagar23 thanks for a detailed explanation

@suthagar23 It is a good guide to start with. Thanks.

Hi, I have been looking into the android client for a while. I think i can improve some of the features/UI and performances in the app. I would like to migrate the existing SQLite DB to Room DB and also migrate the app to AndroidX.

Hi , can someone please authorise me to open issues on JIRA? It would be very helpful.

Hi @deepak140596 Welcome to OpenMRS. Did you look in to this discussion : OpenMRS GSOC 2019 - Android Client 3.X Phase 2 Project?

Further, Make your request through OpenMRS Help Desk to get access of OpenMRS JIRA, It will be given with in 3 - 5 days depends on the admin loads :smile:.

Thanks for the lead. Please check my proposal to migrate the project to latest androidX.

Hi all,

We would like to invite all the GSoC Students to help for OpenMRS Platform 2-2-0-bete testing. The team is waiting for your great support to complete the major testing phase. So Please visit to this following link and commit some of your time there :slight_smile:

If you have any queries, helps or found any bugs during platform-2-20-beta testing, please raise it in the above thread.

Cc : @c.antwi, @samuel34


Thank you very much :smiley:

Thank you so much! Almost missed this one! Will get around to it by Monday and test it out! :slight_smile: