Nigeria Telemedicine App Project


@ Isaac Sears, @Barry Levine. I would like to contribute to the telemedicine project powered by OpenMRS. could you please elaborate more on this project and pre-requests things that should one have for contributing to this project.


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Hi! @isears sir and @levine sir, I am interested to contribute to Nigeria Telemedicine App Project. I was currently working on the development of Bahmni .i have good knowledge and experience on Android App Development and worked with REST API.

Thank you.

Hi all,

I’m glad there’s so much interest in this project.

You can find out more about the underlying telemedicine project here:

The mobile app proposal is pretty much a greenfield project. Our goal is to make life easier for our human clerks by offloading as much work onto a patient self-registration mobile app as possible. I have a general feeling for how this should work, but I haven’t done a whole lot of mobile development, so I’m definitely open to innovative ideas from whomever takes this on.


Hi! @isears sir and @levine sir , I am Kanika Aggarwal from computer science department . I have seen Nigeria Telemedicine App project in your ideas list . I have many innovative ideas for this project and would love to help people by my skills . In my past I have contributed to many projects . Plus I have a good knowledge of java , MySQL too.

Hello Everyone !!! I am interested to begin the Nigeria Telemedicine App Project and i believe i can buid this very nicely. I believe developing this application is not an issue, developing this application with great architecture(like MVP or MVVM) is an issue so that every developer can use the code easily.

@isears I am suggesting developing app in MVP(Model-View-Presenter) architecture in java because it will make the code easy to understand(everyone can also understand and tweak the code),easy to debug, easy to maintain the code base and we all knows that debugging is the major part of development and most of the best apps are based on architecture. We just have to put some extra efforts in the starting and i am really enthusiastic to this.

can anyone please help me out and provide a guidance so that i can push myself towards this project. Thank you for taking the time to read this.:innocent:


@mukulcode i would suggest rather than using java we should be using kotlin and latest technologies like LiveData,Room,Anko etc

@ aggarwalpulkit and others, Have you get any chances to look into Android Jet pack provided by Google for Andriod Development?

Hi everyone!

My name is Gavin Burkholder and I am eager to get involved in the openMRS community; the android related projects especially caught my eye. I have great experience in android app development and some in iOS development as well. I am well into my academic career as a Computer Science student and know that my programming skills would be of great use in these projects. @isears What is the difference between this Nigeria Telemedicine App project and the android client phase 2 project? From what I understand, this project is making an android app from scratch, but why is this needed when openMRS already has a well established android app available?

I look forward to working hard for the openMRS community! Thanks for this opportunity


Great question @gfburkholder

The official OpenMRS app gives Admins/Doctors/Nurses/Clerks full access to an OpenMRS server. The telemedicine app is designed with a much more narrow goal in mind: to allow telemedicine patients to submit their contact information by registering themselves as patients. In fact, in designing the app, we want to make sure that app users ONLY have the ability to self-register, and nothing else.


Ok that helps a lot, thanks @isears ! It’s mentioned in the ideas list that you are looking for someone with either android or iOS development, does this mean that you are looking to develop the app on both platforms or has it been prescribed that it’ll be made for just android first? Also, has any thought been given to developing it with a cross-platform framework like Xamarian or React Native in order to reach the broadest audience? I know that the primary target audience is obviously the developing world and thus android seems to be the clear choice to reach that audience, but do you think making it cross platform from the get go would be advantageous?

We have absolutely thought about that, and would love to see a platform-agnostic solution. Especially since the requirements are so simple, there shouldn’t be any need to tailor the application to a specific OS for performance or usability.

I would absolutely love to try my hand at making a cross platform app! That certainly would reach the most patients in need and would make future development easier. Is this public forum the primary way of discussing project ideas or is there another medium through which we communicate with you individually?

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Same problem, is there another medium through which we communicate with you individually?

@gfburkholder Telegram. Telegram

Hi @isears @levine . I would like to work on this project with you. This is my first time in GSoc So can you please guide me through about this project


@gfburkholder @sandhyarishitha18 I mostly just monitor talk. Let’s keep the discussion about this project public, if possible. Looking forward to your proposals!

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Thanks for the Information

Hi @isears I’m Lahiru and I’m a Computer Science Engineering undergraduate from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. As mentioned in the discussion earlier I think having a cross platform app would be a great idea and I suggest using Flutter. I have experience in developing apps with Java and Kotlin(intermediate experience in kotlin) along with React Native and React Native is not the best as I feel when it comes to managing dependencies. It makes lot of trouble for the future developers to update/maintain the app.So flutter is good in terms of scalability as well as performance(no need to think about performance since this is a very lightweight app and both ways the performance will be almost the same).Anyway if you really want to do the project using kotlin, react native bridge with kotlin will do it.What do you think ? And Thanks

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Hi @gfburkholder and @sandhyarishitha18, Welcome to OpenMRS. Since we all are in the Open Source, Don’t worry about your ideas since it should be open to all :slight_smile:. Making your idea visible may give an idea to some on else, but you can improve your idea through several discussions with others. So we hope to have the discussions more in talk forum!, and It will increase your attention in OpenMRS among other community members.

Hello everyone. Hey @isears I am George, a student Nigeria! I was so excited when I saw the Nigeria Telemedicine app project. I would be so happy to work on this project! I have about 2 years experience developing Android applications, and published a couple of android apps on the google playstore. I have worked with Java, Kotlin, SQLite3, Firebase, REST APIs, a little bit of React native, although I am willing to learn any new technology that would be needed to make this app a reality! This is exciting! Thanks!

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