GSOC 2019 : Attachments Module Enhancements

Hello @mksd and @ivange94 I am a Computer Science 1st year student at University Politehnica Bucharest. I have good knowledge of java, spring, hibernate and basic knowledge of javascript . I proved my dedication and desire to work in my contributions .(Check my PRs)

I learned a lot in the past 2 months trying to contribute and getting help from the community. I will like to work with you at this project for GSOC 2019. Let me know if we can discuss more about the project .

Regards, Andrei.

@andu033 thanks for your interest to this project and your contributions to OpenMRS so far.

Please share a link to your contributions.

If you haven’t already, pick an issue from the modules project on Jira. You can find a link to it on the projects page.

Don’t hesitate to reach out when you need any assistance.

Pull requests: Merged :

Waiting for review:

@ivange94 I can pick issues from this project or i need to wait to be accepted?

You can pick up issues now but giving your enormous contributions already, you should place more priority on writing a good proposal. Start writing your proposal so that you can ask for feedback early on. If you need any help let me know.

That been said, work on some issues related to the project to get a feel of what the module is all about.


I didn’t read through before replying. I presumed all the links were links to merged PRs.

Thanks . I hope i will get these unmerged proposals merged util the start of proposal period. I will start writing my proposal in the time . Thanks for feedback.

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No. 4 are waiting for review. 2 of them are almost good and 2 need some changes. Just one is merged but i will get the unmerged done.

Np. So you don’t get overwhelmed, don’t bother about picking new issues until you get those approved. You can begin working on your proposal in the meantime.

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Hello @mksd, @ivange94 , my name is Tendonge Ryan, a final year computer engineering student of University of Buea, Cameroon. I have a good knowledge of Java, HTML, CSS, REST and Angular 5 and basic knowledge of python and javascript. I was accepted for gsoc 2018 with LibreHealth( whose code base is basically a modified fork of OpenMRS core) and also i work part time with PetherSolutions, a company based in Douala, Cameroon, whose Hospital Management System is built on OpenMRS core and Reference Application, so I have an extensive knowledge of OpenMRS.

Having worked with the Attachments module for a couple of months now ( for PetherSolutions), I started a thread here proposing some changes and updates to the Attachments module, mostly involving the handling of Dicom files. Also I am very much interested in adding a PDF handling functionality as that does not exist in the current version of the Attachments module as well. I would be very excited to work on this. In the mean time, I’d look into some of the issues on JIRA concerning this module.


Hi @ryan97, so in your case it looks like it’s getting clearer what your Attachments project could look like. In a nutshell have Attachments provide some level of support and configuration for handling DICOM images.

P.S. I’m confused about your remark about PDFs, Attachments does support viewing PDF files, though it doesn’t generate a thumbnail for them, but it does open the browser’s PDF viewer upon clicking (at least in Chrome). If not, can you expand on this in an ad-hoc thread?

Hi @andu033 the other enhancement is to start migrating Attachments’ UI to an OWA using React components. The current key UI elements that need to exist as React components are:

  • Multiple versions (big and small) of the upload widget.
  • The thumbnail.
  • The thumbnail gallery.

If the main Attachments page could be redone in an OWA with the above new React components, that’d be great.

Hi @mksd, sorry about the late reply, been a little tied up with school. Yes I’m definitely looking to incoporate some sort of DICOM support, because at the moment, the Attachments module does not support the viewing of dicom files(Uploaded dicom files simply get re-downloaded once clicked on). And about the PDF support, I thought there was no PDF viewing support because I use Safari and when clicked upon, it didn’t open properly, i have not checked it out on Chrome but then again, I am using an old version of Safari, that should explain it.

My whole idea is that the attahcments module is generally meant to provide a centralized area where you can see files uploaded during patient encounters a s complexObs. But what is the essence of having this functionality when the file ( in this case, Dicom files) can not be viewed from the existing version of the attachments module? Since PDF files open in a browser viewer to enable instant and proper access, I was thinking of incorporating a functionality to properly upload dicom files (probably have to create a DICOM file handler for the complexOb because we cannot use the existing handlers such as the image handler–I have tried) and then providing a way of viewing this file in a proper radiology image viewer like Conerstone. I know this sounds like work that should concern a radiology related module, but then, why have a module to view attachment docs without a functionality to properly view the said docs?

Also I am also looking at separating the attachment files according to categories. Images, PDFs, DICOM files, etc should each be stored separately to provide a more organized look, rather than having them all bundled up together as is the case with the present version.

Hi @ryan97, @ivange94 i will love to work on this project for Gsoc. I am Wandji Collins s second year student at the University of buea. I’m a bit Comfortable working with java and currently studying SpingREST.

I’m almost done with my first version of proposal. Where i can put it to get feedback?

@andu033 Check this talk regarding GSOC 19 Application. Go to Organizations in GSOC official page find OpenMRS and hit submit proposal.

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Hi @mksd and @ivange94 I uploaded a draft proposal in the gsoc dashboard. I would appreciate if you can review it when you have time. Thanks :).

Thanks @andu033. I can’t do anything before next Thursday. @ivange94, can you?

No problem.When you or @ivange94 has time to review I will be there to execute the requested changes. Thanks.

Hi @andu033, first of all thanks for submitting your first draft!

I have commented on it. The bottom line is that turning Attachments UI into a new OWA made with React is more than enough to fill the entire GSoC project. So I suggest that you reword your proposal to reflect this, should you want to work on that part. Also this is a pure front-end effort, so that you know. There won’t be much Java development involved with this part obviously.

Ok. I will rewrite it focusing on turning Attachments in React OWA and delete other goals.

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Is this true? here link

Web Apps are essentially no different than standard websites or Web pages. They are built using standard open Web technologies — HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. — and can be accessed using a Web browser. The main differences lie in their ability to be installed on a device and work offline, and access to advanced APIs that allow interaction with device features such as the camera, address book, and other such things. In addition, they are built on open technologies as much as is possible. Where differences lie in technology implementation between platforms, efforts should be made to ensure that both are supported, through a combination of feature detection and appropriate code for different platforms, and graceful degradation.