GSoC 2017 - More MetaData Management in Admin UI | Final Presentation

More MetaData Management in Admin UI

Primary Mentor : @dkayiwa Backup Mentor : @wyclif Student : @suthagar23

OpenMRS Legacy Module contains a lot of administrative functionalities which are needed to manage the reference application. Most of this administrative functionalities contain a legacy model and less experience to the users. So OpenMRS Community wanted to migrate those administrative features to the Modern Open web app view.

More Metadata Management in AdminUI project is one of those projects which are designed to migrate some of these administrative functionalities to the modern open web app view. In the More Meta data Management in AdminUI project, We focused on this following functionalities, 1. Manage Modules - This feature will be used to manage the modules in the OpenMRS reference application. 2. System Information - This feature will be used to display the System information about the OpenMRS server and the system. 3. Manage Scheduler - This feature will be used to manage the tasks in the OpenMRS reference application.


  1. Migrate the legacy functionalities to the modern open web apps
  2. Increase the user experience and feasibility of the legacy functionalities
  3. Extend the usage of the legacy functionalities with REST APIs
  4. Improve the administrative features using existing functionalities
  5. Find the solutions for the problems which are identified in the legacy UI model


Those features are implemented as an Open Web App and included into the SysAdmin Open Web App. Used technologies for the developments,

Front End Development : HTML, CSS, Angular JS, jQuery Back End Development: Java, REST API

Code Contribution

Created and worked tickets during the GSoC project development period 1. OWA-21 : Implement Module Management Functionalities in OWA 2. OWA-22 : Implement System Information functionality in OWA 3. OWA-24 : OWA-22 / Modify System Info Page 4. OWA-25 : OWA-21 / Implement Module Details view page 5. OWA-26 : OWA-21 / Integrate with OpenMRS Add-Ons to get module updates 6. OWA-27 : Implement Manage Scheduler functionalities in OWA 7. RESTWS-673 : Implement REST services to Manage Scheduler functionalities. 8. RESTWS-674 : Include More Test cases for ModuleController1_8 in REST Module 9. RESTWS-665 : SystemInfo REST implementation 10. OWA-31 : OWA-21 / Implement Drag and Drop module upload feature

Created tickets for the issues during the development period 1. AO-8 : Allow cross-origin calls to our REST API 2. AO-9 : REST endpoint for getting a module by it’s modulePackage value 3. PDMO-1 : Implement Encounters functionalities in OWA

Contributions to the REST Web Services Module,

Contribution to the SystemAdmin Open Web App,

Project Documentation

Here is the OpenMRS Wiki Documentation - More Metadata Management in AdminUI - GSoC 2017 Project

Final Medium Blog - More Metadata Management in AdminUI —Medium

OpenMRS Talk topics,

  1. GSoC 2017 — More Metadata Management in AdminUI
  2. REST Implementation for Scheduler in Legacy UI Module
  3. Manage Scheduler Implementation on SysAdmin OWA
  4. New REST Implementation for SystemInformation
  5. System Information Page Interface Modification


Amazing summer I had with OpenMRS in this year :slight_smile:

This is my first-time experience with an Open Source community. When I came to OpenMRS at the first time, I haven’t any idea about the Community. I scared to post a talk thread at that time :smile:. But community helped me to understand the Open Source very well. I learned a lot from OpenMRS community. I was able to improve my development ability and documentation skills during the GSoC time and Scrums meetings and Video Presentations are very interesting and new to me.

Thanks, @akshika47 for the great introduction about the OpenMRS to our colleges. I am lucky to have a great mentor @dkayiwa for the guidance during the GSoC time. He helped me in so many ways. He guided me, he taught me, he advised me, he motivated me during the last 3 months. I would like to work with you after the GSoC also. I know, you will have some idea to improve this project :wink: Thanks, @darius for the valuable advice. Actually, he helped me to find some good solutions for the issues.

Thanks, OpenMRS Community!.. Write Codes… Save lives !!!

What can be improved

I prefer to arrange a weekly meeting like the scrum with all of the GSoC students to present their works. In this time, we submitted the weekly blog posts. It can be improved to like a weekly meeting :slight_smile:

Project Screens

For more Screens :

Finally Thanks, @dkayiwa and OpenMRS Community :slight_smile:

Regards, Suthagar


It is a pleasure to see my efforts have paid off. Good luck for your degree and your career in Open Source.


Thank you for your contributions @suthagar23 :). Keep up your good work.

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