System Information Page Interface Modification

I planned to include System information page into the Sysadmin OWA. I discussed this modification on this talk thread. The legacy module has information under these four categories,

  1. OpenMRS Information
  2. Java Runtime Information
  3. Database Information
  4. Module Information

In the new implementation, I have displayed those same data into seven categories with images to increase the user experience,

  1. OpenMRS Information
  2. Operating System Information
  3. Java Runtime Information
  4. User System Information
  5. Memory Information
  6. Database Information
  7. Module Information

I have attached some screenshots here for your feedbacks :slight_smile: .

Used Images:

Modification :

If you have any ideas about this implementation, Please feel free to share with me!

My suggestion is that for version one, let us just concentrate on making it work to a point where we can release version 1.0

After that is done, we can start looking at those beautiful icons. But if it will take you 15mins to have them, then why not? :smile:

Yah :smiley: That’s pretty good Anyway I have some extra ideas for next release. So better, we will talk about this later :slight_smile: